Ready to have some fun & get sh*t done?

A Rebel Office Work Party is designed to give you, first, the strategic support you need to make aligned decisions and, second, the automation know-how and hands-on action to get it done (while having some fun). It’s time to take back the space, make informed decisions and rock that next level of success. 

Dreamers, Makers, Movers & Shakers:

→ You know it's time to review your product suite so it's aligned & setup for big-time scaling 

→ You're ready to have a client experience that reflects the high quality clients you want to attract 

→ You're finally not afraid of the numbers, ready to do a data deep dive & build in an auditing system that is going to keep you on track and aligned every quarter 

You already know what's going to take you to the next level.

I’ve got you. 

Day One: Strategic Foundations

Get ready to audit your:

→ Vision, Values, Value Proposition
→ Position Statement
→ Offer Suite and Offer Design Deep Dive

Ready for a Rebel Office Work Party? 🎉

Here's How It Works

Day Two: Experience Overhaul

Get ready to audit your:

→ Streamlining / Workflow Mapping 
→ Systems Implementation & Workflow Tune-Up
→ Brand Elevation

Day Three: Client Acquisition

It's time to get real about: 

→ Your Sales Funnels
→ How You're Establishing Authority
→ How To Increase Repeat Clients & Referrals

Day Four: Taking Aligned Action

Pulling it all together through your: 

→ 90 Day Distraction-Proof Roadmap
→ Financial Review & Projections
→ Project Management Organization & Tool Tune Up

4 days. 2 hour intensives each day. Technical support with strategic vision using Rebel Office's proprietary Online Business Audit Framework.

Plus! Get 30 days of text & voicenote support via Voxer! Keep Sarah in your back pocket for questions, feedback, support and pep-talks! 

Once we discussed the short-and-long term goals for our business, Sarah took our scattered ideas and helped us distill them into a compelling suite of service packages, worked with us to flesh out our marketing channels, and set up systems and workflows that we know will surprise and delight our clients. I am still shocked at how much we were able to work through!


"I knew within the first hour of our Work Party that I'd made a fantastic business investment."

Working with Rebel Office brought me the clarity and systems I was desperately searching for in my business. My work party was an absolute game-changer for my business. It gave me the tools, the plan and the systems I needed to feel confident moving forward. I wish I would have done this sooner. Every solo entrepreneur needs a Rebel Office work party! It is amazing to have someone on your side who believes in your business and purpose as much as you do.


"My work party was an absolute game-changer for my business."

Every Work Party comes with 30 Days of post-Party Voxer support

Look. We get a LOT done in our week together, but it’s important to make sure that implementation goes smoothly and you have someone to talk through things when inspiration sparks. Which is why the Rebel Office Team and I will be in your back pocket for 30 days to brainstorm with, ask questions to and get honest feedback from. 

Forget figuring this out on your own. Let's spend a Week together & Get Your Business Back On Track.

book your Week  →

Sarah made organizing and implementing every aspect of my business simple and easy. She took all my ideas and made them real - completely simplifying and automating the client experience in my business. I no longer have to reinvent the wheel with each client, or remember all the steps. What she did in 5 hours would have taken me at least 50. Completely worth every penny!


"Completely worth every penny!"

I'm Sarah, the founder of Rebel Office Inc. and your guide to getting shit done.

I’ve been running my company for over 5 years now and have become known to my long roster of clients as a systems queen and a pro at tackling projects that impact their businesses. I’ve worked with (literally) hundreds of businesses to help them elevate, automate and step into that next level of success.

And that’s what I want for you.

Whether it’s creating a clear path forward to skyrocket you forward, building an epic funnel that runs while you sleep and sells with intention, or walks your clients through the most referral-worthy experience, let me keep you accountable, share my resources and help you cross that big To Do off the list.

Who am I to help you for a week, right?

What do I come away with after my Work Party week with Rebel Office?

In simplest terms? A solid strategy that actually feels aligned, and the systems in place to make it all happen for you and your team. Through our 4 intensives, you get access to the Rebel Office Online Business Audit & Roadmapping Frameworks, including a spreadsheet you can take with you and implement over and over again. 

How long are Work Parties?

You and I will work together for 4 days (2hr intensives each day) to ensure we stay focused and energized, you have time to process *and* still getting things done with the highest quality of attention.

Are there payment plans available?

50% of your payment is due up front, with the remaining 50% due the kick-off day of our week together. If you would like to pay in full, you may also do that.

How soon can I book my Work Party with Rebel Office?

Due to the attention that these weeks require from Sarah, we have limited space available every quarter for Work Parties. The sooner you book, the sooner you’ll be able to pick from our available dates. We also require at least two weeks notice (because we have some special goodies to send to you to support you during our week together).

we heard it through the grapevine

I value her accountability because she gives me the tough love I need to get sh*t done and make those pivots. Having someone like Sarah in your corner is the expert and business cheerleader you need to make the RIGHT moves forward!"


"The mentorship and expertise Sarah and Rebel Office offers always gives me the insight, information, or push I need to make impactful steps forward in my business.

I did the Fun With Funnels Day because I was tired of putting off building my sales funnel. It felt so intimidating to gather all the assets together and figure out how to get it all working together. Overall, the day of was fantastic. Everything felt manageable, digestible and fun, and I would highly recommend a Work Party to anyone thinking about it. 


"So happy with the experience of my Rebel Office Work Party."

I am extremely satisfied with my Work Party experience and would recommend one to anyone. Sarah has a way of just making things less complicated and putting all of my thoughts into workflows that make sense. 10/10!"


"My Work Party was the second project I’ve worked with Sarah on and the ease of working with her just makes sense.

I knew I had a solid foundation, but there were so many manual touchpoints that I wanted to reduce from my process and I knew Sarah was the one who could make it all happen. I was beyond pleasantly surprised that Sarah actually worked with me to create assets and implement pieces of the process ON the call! Plus, it's literally called a Work Party - who doesn't want that kinda fun in their life?? *heart eyes*"


"I love how Sarah's brain works with systems, processes, workflows, and all things automation!