Need a Visionary Vacay?

You love being the visionary, but sometimes it’s hard to carve out the space to really step into the role and do the dreamin’. You know what that means? It’s time for a vacay. One perfectly mixed with connection, strategy and the permission to get out of the daily grind of running your business. Don’t worry - just for one week!

Rest, realign and reset at Visionary Vacay so that you can come back ready to rock and build your business bigger and better than ever. 

How? By slowing down. By brainstorming.
By giving you the space to think and create. 

Visionary Vacay is a (virtual, for now) experience for visionaries looking for one week to step away from the day-to-day, realign with themselves as a leader, connect with other powerhouse humans and get their businesses back on track. 

Join us for the next Visionary Vacay:

August 30 - September 3rd

and get ready to be spoiled, inspired & realigned.

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60 minute Mindset & Movement Session

Wear something comfy that you can move in! Every morning will kick off with a movement and mindfulness session to start the day right & bring in the highest self vibes.

For 5 days, (along with some surprises) get daily:

90 minute Visionary Workshop with Rebel Office and Guest Experts

The daily visionary workshop will range from strategy to inspiration to realignment and all the inbetween. We’ll be joined by special guest experts to share their wisdom and guide you to strengthen those leadership skills.

Access to a virtual coworking space with other visionaries

Get ready for some real magic. In the virtual cowork room, use it for accountability time. Also, there are opportunities for breakout sessions where you can come together to give feedback, share insights and tackle roadblocks. These sessions are POWERFUL, so get ready to have your mind blown. 

The afternoon is free for you to plan, rest, spoil yourself and work on projects that you’re inspired to work on.

No pressure. No obligation. No commitment to your daily ops (you’re on vacay, remember?). Just time to let it flow. A virtual coworking room will be available for you to hop in and out of as you want. 

Ready for your Visionary Vacay?

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Join us for the upcoming virtual event August 30 - September 3rd. Save your spot before 08/15.

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