Building an Aligned Offer Suite

Ready to explore all the things that your business can do for you? In 2 hours, we'll explore 9 - yes NINE - ways to structure your offers, as well as a framework to build an aligned product suite so your clients keep coming back for more.

OCTOBER 6TH  |  3 - 5pm EST

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9 Offer Structures

Explore offer structures that you can build into your business, including what their deliverables are and how to actually implement them into your product suite. 

Our Fave Framework

Grab our fave framework for mapping out & designing a product suite that is aligned, freedom-based and built for profit. 

3 Alignment Strategies

Because the tactics and tools aren't enough, learn 3 ways to check in on your decisions and make sure your business is aligned with your lifestyle goals. 

In 2 hours, you'll learn:

I’m the founder of Rebel Office Inc. and your guide to getting shit done for a day.

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Whether it’s creating a clear path forward to skyrocket you forward, building an epic funnel that runs while you sleep and sells with intention, or walks your clients through the most referral-worthy experience, let me keep you accountable, share my resources and help you cross that big To Do off the list.

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