Question for you:

What if, instead of scrolling the internet for hours every week to find a template you can actually use or an answer that you need to move forward in your business, you knew where you could go or who to ask right away?

What if, instead of worrying about saying too much or being told your idea is too crazy, there was a safe, supportive space for female business owners to come together to connect, collaborate and celebrate with you?

What if, instead of competing, we came together to collectively build and grow our businesses so that we all succeeded?

What if, right?

It’s time to stop the struggle & let success flow to you with the resources and community of your Rebel Office membership to The Collective.

How we see it

We believe every entrepreneur needs a supportive community in their corner and tools that actually get them results in their toolbox.

Groundbreaking thinking, we know *eye roll*. And yet, there is a serious lack of high quality, results-driven resources out there that help us seriously move the needle of our businesses. And when we move the needles in our businesses, we help others move theirs.

All of a sudden, we’re all pushing each other further. We’re all rising higher. We’re all making more money and having a greater impact.

And it all starts with the commitment to learn, improve and step up. It all starts with the platform to build epic collaborations, share our experiences & celebrate together.

Resources & support galore

All of your new resources, including the templates, trainings, special events and more fit into the five core functions of your business.

Library of Templates, Tools & Trainings

Access the searchable library of tools, templates, tutorials and trainings from the pros that are designed specifically for you and your online business. The tools & templates are ready to go to work for your business, including our pre-styled Brand Packages library to help you build a cohesive brand identity.

Exclusive members-only community

Join us in our members-only community, where you’re free to share knowledge, ask for feedback, celebrate your wins and more! Connect with other members, collaborate on cool projects, find each other on the Collective directory, apply to be featured in the Spotlight Series, and more!

Business strategist in your back pocket

On hand for you, always. Rebel Office’s in-house business strategists are ready for you via our live chat feature for anything. Need to brainstorm a new project? Unsure about how to price a new service? Feeling uncomfortable celebrating a new #win with your friends and family? We got you, girl.

Soak up all the perks

From exclusive discounts and special deals from Rebel Office, our partners & our fave brands to members-only events and resources, becoming a Rebel Office member today and joining the Collective could just be the best investment you ever make for your business.

You ready? Join today!

Lock in your month-to-month subscription to the Collective & join a group of #bosses that  have stopped waiting for success and have started to make it happen.

Learn from #bosses like…

And get badass resources like…

“But, is it right for me?”

Members of Rebel Office’s The Collective get results. If you’re ready for that, The Collective is for you.

The Collective is the online resource I didn’t know my business needed. I have been contemplating joining a mastermind, investing in courses, or finding a coach but each investment didn’t seem right. This resource centre has filled that void completely. I have access to templates and resources that have helped me revamp my processes and systems for my business. Having a network supporting me when I need it is invaluable. I have recommended The Collective to all of my business friends because I think, with all the value, the price is unmatched.

Natasha Samuel, Owner of Sol Studio

All the resources and information in the Collective are helping me streamline my business and my life. I am no longer going in circles, chasing my tail. I’m following a structure, a calendar a schedule for me as an entrepreneur and as an individual. This is just what I was looking for, as I don’t really have the time to go to courses, so this is perfect for me to sit down whenever I have time, follow a masterclass, do the work, learn, then implement it on my business. Thanks, Sarah & Rebel Office for creating this awesome place!

Diana Tapia, Owner of Worldwide Immigrants Association

As a business owner, memberships have been a huge part of my business strategy and has contributed to the success of my business. I canceled one of my membership earlier the year and I joined Rebel Office’s The Collective because my business was taking on a new direction and I felt aligned to Sarah as well as what The Collective has to offer. The value I get from The Collective is quadruple more than what I actually pay monthly. I feel part of a community, where if I need support or advice I have amazing women who have my back. We make new friends and sometimes even collaborate in amazing ways.

Ingrid Mangiagalli, Owner of The SociaLinc

You ready? Join today!

Lock in your month-to-month subscription to the Collective & join a group of #bosses that  have stopped waiting for success and have started to make it happen.

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