Are you ready to skyrocket your bottom line and become wildly in demand?

Transform your dream clients into your biggest brand ambassadors and finally have the space to show up and do what you love by offering a seamless and magnetic client experience. 

IN DEMAND is a program designed to walk you through auditing and elevating 6 core components of your business so you can show up, be the best and stand out from rest.

If you're ready to ditch being reactive, start being proactive and build an intentional experience that brings in your dream clients on auto, let's go! 

I'm Sarah, the founder of Rebel Office and our lead Client Experience Architect. We've worked with over a hundred entrepreneurs and brand builders over the years to help them find clarity, elevate their experience so they can not only work smarter (not harder), and get real traction in their business without running themselves into the ground to get it. 

In this 6-step, self-paced program, I take the guesswork out of how to create a brand experience that leaves a lasting impression, increases the lifetime value of your clients, and helps you design a client acquisition strategy that keeps them rolling in for years to come. That's right, it's time to stop chasing and start serving. 

If you've been running your own business for a little while now, you may be feeling: 

  • overwhelm as you try to bring all the moving pieces, tools & tactics together into something that works

  • like everyone else has it figured out and if you could just find that one last piece of the puzzle to make it all click all your struggles so far would be worth it

  • ready to start thinking more long-term, because you're ready to build something legit, something that will last, and something that you're wildly proud of. 

You're not alone in thinking those things. Not only do we hear them from our clients when they first come to us, but we've thought them too. Where you're at isn't fun. In fact, it's frustrating and draining and confusing. 

But you know what? It doesn't have to stay that way, and unlocking the 6 core pillars of your client experience is the key to creating demand for your brand with ease. 

IN DEMAND is perfect for you if you're ready to:

  • Stop chasing clients and get out of constant sales mode while you finally have the space to show up and have fun with the clients you have 

  • Turn those clients you have into your biggest brand ambassadors so you can not only increase their lifetime value (ie. keep them coming back for more!) but also make referrals your #1 lead source 

  • Audit and elevate your offers and brand experience to position yourself like a pro, attract your dream clients and raise your rates 

  • Take your business from feast and famine to legit & long-term, sustainable and reliable success. 

After working through our IN DEMAND program, you'll have:

so you can spend less time chasing invoices and more time transforming your clients' lives & businesses. 

Systems in place to onboard and deliver (and upsell) with a couple clicks

(not only with sexy offers for new leads, but with strategic upgrades and natural next steps for past & current clients). 

An offer suite & brand aesthetic that sells your services intentionally and on autopilot 

that not only feel aligned to your unique goals, but also get you results and create predictable and scalable demand. 

A positioning strategy and the client acquisition systems