Scale with ease & skyrocket your bottom line with electric client experiences.

Hey 👋 Rebel Office here, your partners in positioning yourself like a pro, rising to the occasion and taking you from where you are to where you want to be with an elevated client experience that keeps your clients coming back for more. Oh, and the best part? They'll tell everyone they know, too. 

In fact...

Did you know?

of consumers make buying decisions based on how a brand makes them feel.


Highly-engaged consumers buy 90 percent more often and spend 60 percent more per transaction.


of consumersare willing to pay more for a guaranteed good experience.


Increasing customer retention by just 5% can boost profits by 25-95%.


Get ready to grow. Better yet? Get ready to have fun doing it. 

Look, you're a rockstar at what you do. And whether you're pivoting, elevating or starting fresh, you've got the knowledge and resourcefulness to create an absolutely MAGNETIC, intentional and proactive client experience. 

But your zone of genius isn't client experiences. And in reality, your time is better spent showing up and serving your amazing clients and growing your brand. Luckily, we totally nerd out when it comes to client experiences. 

And for us, client experience is so much more than customer service or setting up your CRM like Dubsado or HoneyBook. 

Our custom client experience design packages are designed to support you wherever you're at and elevate you to where you're going and beyond. Because if we had to name ONE thing that we're great at, it's seeing your potential and bringing it to life. 

Our custom client experience design services are perfect for

ready to raise their rates, position themselves as a thought leader and break into the luxury space through an increase of ideal clients lining up to invest in their transformation


who have perfected their craft and are ready to make scaling with more clients a breeze with systems and an experience that begs to be bragged about


with digital products, VIP days or memberships ready to stand our from the saturated market and build a household name-worthy experience for big growth.


"Sarah and her team are impeccable in their delivery, and their integrity and care for their client's success is evident in everything they do."

"Sarah is a master at what she does. She has the unique ability to champion your creative vision, suggest brilliant strategy, AND implement everything at a technical level that takes mastering new technology off your plate. It's allowed me to focus on what I'm actually good at, and feel so supported along the way. Working with Rebel Office has been a total game changer; I can't recommend them enough!"



How it works

No matter which of our packages you choose, we'll work through each of the following phases to ensure your client experience is data-driven, aligned & pure fucking magic. 

We talk with your ideal client. We get real feedback in real time to make informed and intentional decisions as we design your client experience and elevate all aspects of your business as it's setup for sustainable growth. 

Phase 1: Market Research.

Whether we're working on one specific program or overhauling your entire offer suite, we make sure your offer(s) are setup for optimal transformation for your clients before building out workflows & supporting assets. 

Phase 2: Offers.

To ensure a truly cohesive and seamless experience, your visual assets need to be top notch. Aesthetics play a large role in not only attracting your ideal clients, but also inspiring them as a member of your community or client roster. We'll elevate elements to make sure you're visually positioned for growth. 

Phase 3: Brand.

Enter: all the buzzwords. Workflows, processes, systems, CRM tools. We map it out, optimize it and design moments of pure delight to make sure you're meeting and exceeding the expectations of your dream clients every single step of the way. 

Phase 4: Experience.

One offer or a few, building authority and making sure you have the client acquisition systems in place to bring new clients into your money-making client experiences is our final priority. You'll walk away with the authority-building action plan to create opportunity for your experience to shine and brand to grow. 

Phase 5: Authority.

"What they can do in 5 hours would take me at least 50. Completely worth every penny!"

"Sarah made organizing and implementing every aspect of my business simple and easy. She took all my ideas and made them real - completely simplifying and automating the client experience in my business. I no longer have to reinvent the wheel with each client, or remember all the steps."



Not ready to fully dive in or want to DIY your way to epic experiences? No problem! Book one of our Client Experience Audits and get a full review, recommendations and action plan so you can execute on your own! 

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