Why Sales Tactics Don’t Give You Sales Confidence

“I feel like we’re kind of sold on this idea that ‘Oh, sales are easy if you’re just confident or if you have the right sales tactic!’ and I will […]

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The Dos & Don'ts of Creating a Healthy Workplace Culture

How to Build a Conscious Company With Your Partner

Rebel Office - 6 Ways Boost Bottom Line Client Experience

As a business owner, it’s your job to increase your bottom line (aka. make money). And while we here at Rebel Office often take a more fluffy and feel-good approach […]

6 Ways To Boost Your Bottom Line By Automating Your Client Experience


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Rebel Office - Group Program Mastermind Tools

So you have a group program or mastermind and you’re looking to streamline the experience and leverage tools to make it better? Wonderful 😉 Leaning on systems to deliver your […]

3 Tools to Have In Place to Deliver Your Group Program or Mastermind


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Rebel Office - 4 Ways Signature Service Experience

Whether you have a signature service like a 1:1 offer (like a 6 month coaching package or a retainer social media management package, for example) or a cornerstone group program […]

4 Ways to Create a More Magnetic Experience For Your Signature Service


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Rebel Office - Onboarding Workflows High Ticket Services

When it comes to your high ticket services, it’s important that you have onboarding workflows setup and designed to impress right from the beginning. The reality is that first impressions […]

2 Examples of Client Onboarding Workflows For Your High Ticket Services


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So you’re starting to question if your offers (ie. products and services) need an offer makeover to be more effective, eh? Excellent! One of the beautiful things in business, especially […]

3 Signs It’s Time For an Offer Makeover


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Rebel Office veritree partnership press release

Muskoka, ON, June 1, 2022 – Rebel Office Inc. is thrilled to announce their partnership with veritree to launch its impact initiative with the commitment of 50,000 trees planted before […]

Rebel Office Inc. announces partnership with veritree and commits to supporting the Forest Gardens project in Senegal with help from clients and community

Press Release

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Rebel Office - Audit Client Experience 4 Questions

When it comes to your business, we’re major advocates for auditing your client experience… regularly. Why? Because if you’re a service-based business, your client experience is one of the few things […]

4 Questions to Ask Yourself When You’re Auditing Your Client Experience


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Mastermind Program Workflow - Rebel Office

So you’re ready to scale your one-on-one offers by designing and delivering a mastermind program, are you? Congratulations! And while it’s an exciting time to dream up how you’re going […]

3 Workflows to Automate For Your New Mastermind Program


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Rebel Office - Creating a Framework

When it comes to designing your offers, products and services in your online business, one of the parts we get the most questions about is do you need a proprietary framework […]

How to Turn Your Current Process Into a Proprietary Framework in 3 Steps


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