Applications are now open for the Abundance Accelerator program starting January 2021.

It's time to accelerate abundance in your business.

Take your business from stuck in a rutt to elevated and on track with this 6-month hybrid accelerator program by Rebel Office.


What would you do if you were told, in the next 6 months, your business could be running and showing up at the level it needs to to get you unstuck from the $3-5K months and on its way to big-time scaling?

If your answer is  “roll my up sleeves and do the damn thing”, you’re in the right place.

That means you are...

An Action Taker. You’re over the coasting and you love getting your hands dirty to get sh*t done. Don’t worry though, this Accelerator will show you how to be strategic with your work so that you’re working smarter, not harder and building a business that scales long term.

A Visionary. You see where your business need to be, but you’ve been hustling and grinding so hard that you’re having trouble getting out of that habit and putting yourself in the #boss seat.

Ready for more. You’ve done the work to get you here, but now it’s time to take things up a notch and truly scale without compromising on your freedom and lifestyle.

Get ready to step off the hamster wheel and transform the way your business serves your life.


Over the past year, Sarah has been a major part of helping me grow my business. The mentorship and expertise she offers always gives me the insight, information, or push I need to make impactful steps forward in my busuiness. I value her accountability because she gives me the tough love I need to get sh*t done and make those pivots. You want this business boss in your corner!


It's okay to be grateful for how far you've come and still want more.

You're not alone, trust me.

I’m Sarah, the founder of Rebel Office and your new biz bestie.

I’ve been where you’re at. Being stuck in your head between proud of how far you’ve come already and how much you’ve struggled to get to where you are… and still wanting more.

The good news? You can have more. There’s no limit in this crazy online world we’re running our businesses in.

It just takes a bit of reworking and reframing – in your mind and in your strategy.

But what if, in six months, you had a crew in your corner? All hands on deck to elevate what needs to be elevated, eliminate what’s not longer working and get your business serving not just your dream clients, but you and your life too.


The Abundance Accelerator

a 6-month group-1:1 hybrid mastermind designed to push you to make bigger moves & give you the tools and support to level TF up.

Prepare yourself for a whole new level where you have…
 ✓ Tools to tackle anything the next level throws at you
✓ An elevated brand you are proud of and excited for
✓ A clear path forward with support to help you fast-track it

Call me crazy but...

I believe that success in business can come from simplifying, streamlining and scaling with intention and alignment..

This program is designed to give you an environment, a support system to truly, wholeheartedly, unapologetically thrive. To make those big moves. To push you further.

But while guidance and support is great, I know the value of having hands-on help and someone to give you real answers, real tools and real assets for your business to take you further.

For as long as I have been in this journey of entrepreneurship, I have never seen a program that gives both the brand assets, the direct (honest) answers and the success squad, all focused on elevating your operations and leading with alignment.


I hired Rebel Office last year to help me with a one-off project as I was just setting up my business. Sarah was so easy to speak to and completely understood what I wanted to do and how – sometimes – things change and need tweaking, which she not just handled professionally and supportive, but she also coached me through the thought and decision process. I loved her work and the results so much that I have worked ever since – with monthly strategy calls and all the support I need as I am finding my way. I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough! Thanks so much for your patience and continuous help.

Claudia Schalkx - Rebel Office Contributor

Sarah was instrumental in helping me get past my blockage and recover my focus. I also got the best value for my budget. She was able to quickly grasp my business needs and added value at every step. As a result, I got my lead generation system up and running and regained control of my business. I especially enjoyed her positivity and solution-oriented approach. I gained a lot from her marketing insights and was thankful for her hands-on approach.


What you get

during The Abundance Accelerator, a 6-month group-1:1 hybrid mastermind designed to help you create more space in your business and your life


You get 12, 75-minute workshops with Sarah where we sit down and get real work done. Decisions are made, actions are taken, and we make sure you get one (or ten) steps closer to your dream business every two weeks. Value of $5,800

Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 6.51.32 AM

Not only do you get support as a group and the guidance to make your next move, you get bi-monthly individual intensive sessions with Sarah to dig deeper and move forward with confidence. Value of $1,350


Need to brainstorm? Have a hard decision to make? Scrambling and self-doubting? Sarah & your mastermind crew’s got you. For six months, get direct, regular access to Sarah and the group as needed. Remember: you don’t have to do this alone. Value of $3,600

Lead Magnet - Elevate Workbook - B7B56B

As we work through mapping out your strategic client flow, you’ll need a beautifully on-brand lead magnet to catch attention and convert into sales. The Rebel Office design team’s got your back. Value of $650


Hate writing sales emails? Let the Rebel Office copy team handle it. Let us set your lead generation up for success, using YOUR systems, by building an automated funnel that has your future clients going from “sign me up!” to “take my money!” Value of $2,500

5 Questions to Ask When Building Your Brand - Rebel Office Blog

Your business is stepping up its game, which means it should look like it. Let the Rebel Office team audit your brand and give it a makeover so that you look as elevated as you feel. Value of $4,500


Tap into peak performance habits with two exclusive sessions from Matt & Michele at Southwest Counselling Services, who work with athletes, entrepreneurs and top performers to keep them operating at their best. Value of $350

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As an Abundance Accelerator gal, you get a complimentary, lifetime access to Rebel Office’s Founders Collective, which means our resource library, video trainings, networking events, partner perks and more. Value of $997

It's time for an energy shift.

(Note: Submitting your application does NOT commit you to join the Accelerator or guarantee you a spot. Once you submit your application, you can expect to hear back from the team within a few business days.)


Joining [Sarah’s] program has been the best decision I’ve taken for my business. I have a certificate in business creation and I have to say that even with that, I’ve learned with Sarah much more and in less time: I’ve learned how to optimize my time and processes, how to be accountable to myself, how to automatize tasks, how to respect my schedule and most importantly, how to treat and see my business as if it was a multinational – because that’s what I want it to be. She’s helped me make my dream come true and I am infinitely grateful for her. So, if you ask me if I recommend her, I would say yesss a thousand times!


Your new normal is waiting.

But I have one last question for you I want you to consider.

What if?

It’s easy for us to ask ourselves “what if it fails?” or “what if I do all this work and I change my mind or it doesn’t work or…?”

But my job is to challenge you. And right now, I’m going to challenge you to think:

What if it DOES work?

What if your life-long best friends and success partners are in this program?

What if your new normal IS abundance and space and building a beautiful life with the support of your wildly successful business?

I’m officially inviting you to be unavailable for those old What Ifs. I’m inviting you to only be available for the What Ifs that open you up to big moves, to making magic, to attract abundance and to release this idea that you have to do it alone.

Have other questions?.

Explore these frequently asked questions

Once you apply and are a successful applicant, you will be invited to a free consultation where you will be able to ask any other questions and we can explore together if it truly is a good fit for you and your business.

Does my application guarantee me a spot in this program?

No. By you completing and submitting your application, there is no obligation or commitment to the program. It provides the Rebel Office team to review your compatibility with the program and other applicants who have already been accepted. There is a further screening process including a call, a proposal and a deposit required.

What is the time commitment per week?

This is a tough one to answer because everyone’s different and so are their businesses. That said, with group workshops every two weeks, plus program milestones and connecting with your fellow Abundance Attractors, you can expect 1-2 hours per week.

Why is this a group + 1:1 hybrid mastermind? How does that benefit me?

Because quite frankly, having one or the other is good, but not great. There are pros and cons to both group masterminds and custom, 1:1 programs. Merging the two concepts was important to us because we understand the value in both the community and guidance of a group program AND the hands-on support to get YOU real assets and tangible, relevant, custom advice and assets.

What if I can't make it to one of the live sessions? Will they be recorded?

Absolutely! Every session, both the group sessions and your individual ones will be recorded for you. The only sessions that may not be recorded will be the two Performance Sessions with Southwest Counselling Services.

Are you including lead magnet design, sales funnel system setup and the branding refresh package, or it a choice from 1 or 2 of the three or all 3?

You get all three. That’s what makes this program a true “hybrid” — you get both the guidance and community of a mastermind, but it’s a priority of this program to give you tangible, real assets to grow your business. That’s THOUSANDS of dollars of design and implementation support. Yup.

What kinds of businesses is The Abundance Accelerator for?

While anyone looking to build and scale their businesses can learn and grow in The Abundance Accelerator, the programming and intensive workshops are designed for service- or education-based businesses. That means you offer 1:1 services, group services, and may be starting to (or already have) expanded into digital products.

When are my 3 one-on-one sessions with Sarah?

Upon acceptance into the program, you will receive more information including the call schedule, links to schedule your individual sessions and recommended times to book those calls based on the curriculum to make the most of your sessions.

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes! There is an option to pay in full or to pay a downpayment to secure your spot, plus 6 monthly payments. Pricing is in Canadian Dollar.

When does the next round of The Abundance Accelerator begin?

The Abundance Accelerator begins January 2021. Applications will be accepted until the start date of the program. It is a 6 month intensive program.


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