The power of client referrals amidst burnout and breakdowns

How client referrals can keep you going during moments (or months) of burnout.

Let me be clear – I’m speaking from experience when it comes to this. More specifically to the last 12 months. 2023 was a wild one for us here at Rebel Office, with so much up in the air, things constantly changing and my own mindset totally out of alignment. 

But referrals kept us going. They kept us alive and showing up without me being on Instagram. Without my sending emails. Without me continuing our weekly podcast. Without me pushing sales conversations. 

We simply kept getting business. 

And I’m not bragging about this. I’m proud that I was able to trust Rebel Office and how I’ve built it to do what it was built to do. I’m proud that our experience and past clients felt confident referring us to others. I’m proud of that. 

But I’m not proud of how I personally handled the last year. 

Truth be told – I needed a break. Earlier this year, I felt a complete disconnect. My nervous system was shot. It was like I spent 8 years constantly on high alert. Constantly telling myself I could do more and be more. I hadn’t even read a normal book other than business books for those 8 years. 

Like I said, I needed a break. For the last 10 months or so, I have read only fiction. I took herbalism classes, explored new hobbies, discovered who I AM outside of Rebel Office. Oddly enough, it felt like a very important phase in my journey as an entrepreneur. 

And when I couldn’t show up for Rebel Office, it showed up for me. 

Now I’m not saying a mental breakdown or legendary burnout is on your horizon. I hope it’s not. I’ll always encourage you to listen to your body. In fact, this completely unintentional ‘break’ that I took WAS me listening to my body. It’s what I knew I needed.

BUT – that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared. 

For some reason, client referrals are so underrated. It’s like, if you don’t have an EPIC sales system that’s constantly bringing in new clients by posting 20 times a day and being enviously omnipresent – it can feel like you’re doing it wrong. 

But you’re not. 

Everyone sells and markets their businesses differently. That’s what’s great. There IS no right or wrong way. 

And no matter what you sell, how you sell it or how you show up for your business, if you can focus on ONE thing first – it’s showing up for your clients and building that referral network. 

Build the systems for a consistent and impressive client experience – without adding more to your plate. Let your tools do the work. Build the human into your workflows. Add moments of surprise and delight. Automate where you can to give yourself more time to show up and do what you do best – love on your clients. 

Doing these things will safeguard your business by both increasing the lifetime value of your existing clients and make those clients want to spread the word and help out their friends and colleagues by referring you. Because they trust you.

Speaking from experience, if this is your ONLY focus for 2024, you’ll be setup for the next decade of financial stability and scalability. Truly.

Now I’ll be honest, I don’t feel 100% out of the woods yet personally, but Rebel Office hasn’t felt better. I’ve had a blast over the last couple months simplifying Rebel Office and planning for the year to come: 

  • The Elevation Lab is going strong, with the ability to grab individual training/resource bundles OR grab them all and unlock two bonus trainings. The Elevated Offers and Elevated Experience modules are great places to start if you’re ready to go all-in on optimizing for referrals. 
  • We’re running our group coaching program ELEVATE again this year, starting February 5th. This 4 month program will work with you to optimize and elevate your entire business so you’re setup for long-term success. 
  • Later this year, we’ll be opening up Simple CEO private coaching spots to work with entrepreneurs on a 1-on-1 basis to help you audit and simplify, get clear direction and implement an action plan that creates space without never-ending to-do lists. If this is something you’d be interested in, shoot me an email to sarah [ @ ] 

So while I’ve been quiet and you probably haven’t seen much of Rebel Office over the last little bit, we haven’t and we aren’t going anywhere. I’ve learned a ton about myself and about this company – including just how much I can trust it to do its thing… with or without me. 

And my goal for you? To take some of that pressure off so you can enjoy life in and outside of your business. Because life’s too short to not have fun 😉 

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Thank you for being open to reading my story, and I hope to see you join me in ELEVATE from February – May so we can make sure you have your ‘dream client tap’ ready to turn on with referrals whenever you need it. 


ps. OH YA – I got married 😍 What. A. Year. More on that later…

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