The #1 Mistake You’re Making When Onboarding New Clients

March 23, 2023

Sarah Williams


Here, you'll find all of the resources, tutorials and behind the scenes to audit & elevate your client experience. Our goal? To increase the lifetime value of your clients and make your client experience your brand's secret advantage.

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“Onboarding is really, truly the time to set expectations, to get everyone on the same page, and to start your project or the service delivery off on the right foot, so that you can reduce resistance, and issues, and communication problems, and all of those things that maybe have not gone the way you wanted them to in the past.”

Welcome back to the It’s A Vibe Podcast. In today’s episode, I’m talking about one of the most critical phases in your client experience: onboarding. We’ll go through the biggest mistake we see our clients making in their onboarding process, how to audit your own to figure out if you’re doing it as well, and what you can do to fix it so your onboarding can go right in the future. 

In this episode:

  • Doing too little or doing too much
  • Optimized onboarding can make referrals your largest lead source
  • How to audit your onboarding process
  • 3 examples to increase communication and simplify deliverables or reduce resistance
  • 5 things you should cover in your onboarding process

Don’t forget to tune into the podcast next week to go beyond the tools you use for an oustanding client experience.

Resources from this episode:

If you are a visual person, open up my favorite tool Miro to help you map out all the steps in our onboarding process. 

If you ever need support with creating your onboarding assets we have our Custom Client Experience Packages, and we can do that for you or walk you through it if you prefer.

In this week’s episode Sarah talks about the Elevated Experiences Module, but it is only going to be available on April 1st, and this episode will be live on Mar 23rd.

Maybe Sarah wants to hold on to this and launch it on the 30th or the 6th, so it’s more relevant?

Learn more about The Elevation Lab at:

Get The Elevated Experiences Module here and get a step-by-step guide to designing and building an intentional client experience and overhauling your internal operations to make running your business a joyride.

Connect with Sarah:

I’m on a mission to help our clients deliver transformational client experiences at every turn and become wildly in demand.

Instagram: @rebeloffice


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