6 Ways To Boost Your Bottom Line By Automating Your Client Experience

November 7, 2022

Sarah Williams


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As a business owner, it’s your job to increase your bottom line (aka. make money). And while we here at Rebel Office often take a more fluffy and feel-good approach to client experience, because #vibes and building a legacy… BUT there are also a *ton* of real, tangible and profitable benefits to leveraging your systems and automating your client experience.

Before you jump in, we have a quick disclaimer.

Automating Your Client Experience Doesn’t Mean Dehumanizing It

Systems are your first and most loyal team member. The tools you introduce into your business, when done with intention and some strategy, have the power to take your business to totally new and automated heights – with just you or a small team. And when we talk about automating, we never mean robotic. Through intentional systems setup, you can still infuse your brand, quirks, aesthetic and – dare we say vibe – throughout your client experience.

Food for thought as you dive into six tangible ways automating your client experience can skyrocket your revenue and make you more profitable than ever before. Let’s jump in.

Six Ways Automating Your Client Experience Can Increase Your Bottom Line

For obvious reasons, your sales process is critical to your bottom line. If you’re losing potential clients by turning them away inadvertently or if you’re not confident enough to show up and believe in your own services or process, well… that’s a problem.

01. Increase Sales Conversion

When you’ve automated your proposal process, you’ve now setup the tools to maintain momentum. For example, when someone first reaches out – what happens? Do they get next steps right away? Or do they sit in silence waiting for you to manually respond? Are they sent a link to book in a call or to receive more information immediately to answer any self-qualifying questions or objections right off the bat? Or are they left wondering what’s next?

Maintaining that momentum and keeping that excitement and energy up while also providing critical information during the buying decision can prevent prospective clients from walking away or feeling unsure and ultimately increase your conversion rate.

02. Increase Sales Confidence

One of the biggest obstacles we see with clients when they first come to us is their sales confidence. Why? Because they aren’t confident that their systems are setup to do what they have to do. It’s hard to sell when you’re worried what happens after someone says “Yes! I’m in!” is going to embarrass you or make your new client totally regret their decision right away.

Not ideal. By being intentional with how you’re automating your client experience, your confidence in those systems and the strategy you’re using skyrockets – which means so does your confidence when you’re selling. Aaaaand that means your sales go through the roof. We’ve seen it 😉

03. Reduce Moments of Doubt & Increase Client Confidence

By automating your client nurturing, including check-ins, reminders, updates, etc. keeps your experience consistent – no matter who or how many clients come through that virtual door of yours. And if you can prioritize your communication and make sure it’s top notch, those clients are going to be wildly confident in what you’re delivering for them, how you’re helping them and how you can help others in their network. Heyooo referrals.

04. Increase Time & Freedom

By automating your onboarding, delivery and offboarding processes, you get to spend soo much less time doing admin tasks and making sure things are going smoothly. Instead, you’ll have time back to show up and sell more. You’ll also have more time to love on the clients you already have (and you’ll have more because of the latter point), which will then turn even more of your clients into your biggest sales asset and brand ambassadors.

It really is a beautiful and organic snowballing effect that will help you scale your business beyond your wildest dreams.

05. Increase Social Proof

When your client experience isn’t setup for success, it can be intimidating asking for feedback. Whether you have a course that you want to capture results from, or a coaching program or done-for-you service that you need social proof and testimonials for to build up your social-proof bank… automating your offboarding to prompt for feedback, key results and testimonials is key.

Make it easy, remove the worry and automate it so that every single client has the opportunity to share about their experience and build up your social proof bank – making your next launch even more financially successful. Again… And again… And again…

06. Increase Referrals

Staying on the topic of automated offboarding, your offboarding process isn’t a one shot email and then you never talk to them again. Nurtuer them. Upsell them. Educate them on other opportunities for how you can help them next. Most importantly, let them know about any incentives or opportunities for them to SHARE their experience working with you with their community / audience / network. Having this automated allows you to perfect messaging and make referrals your top lead source. #TheDream

Now, these are six ways automation and intentional experience design can increase sales and boost revenue in your online business. There are so. many. more. Let’s talk about it and get your systems and automations designed with strategy and intention to start working for you and skyrocket your bottom line today.

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