3 Tools to Have In Place to Deliver Your Group Program or Mastermind

October 25, 2022

Sarah Williams


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So you have a group program or mastermind and you’re looking to streamline the experience and leverage tools to make it better? Wonderful 😉 Leaning on systems to deliver your group program can have significant benefits if setup properly, including saving you time to show up and do what you do best, save you money and your team’s resources so they can focus on other things and create a better, more streamlined and intentional experience for your clients in your program. When your client experience is optimized, not only will those clients wants to continue working with you (either in the program again or in an upgraded offer) but they’ll also become your biggest sales asset and tell everyone about you.

I’ve always said that your tools are your first team member. And it’s time to put them to work. Here are some core tools to lean on so that you can design, deliver and continuously grow your group program or mastermind.

Client Onboarding With a CRM

No matter the size of your program, you need your clients to (1) agree to the legal terms of service and (2) pay. You can make the onboarding experience as simple or intricate as you wish, with proposals and applications or simply a DM on Instagram before you send along the contract and invoice. No matter your route (though, of course we recommend you make it as strategic and intentional as possible for you to deliver the best group experience), having a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system is highly recommended.

Using a tool like Dubsado or HoneyBook can help you not only streamline communication, digitally send contracts and accept payments with the least resistance possible (on both sides), but it can also automate a lot of the onboarding process. Systems like Dubsado and HoneyBook allow you to design intentional application forms, which when submitted, can trigger a workflow to prepare a proposal (the contract and invoice), as well as share additional information to support your clients with their buying decision to join the program.

Once they join, you can also automatically send a welcome guide or intake form to capture even more information about your client, where they’re at and how your program can better support them.

Even though you’re running a group program, the clients within the program are individuals and need to be onboarded in a way that feels personal and celebratory while also setting the tone and managing expectations for your program. 


Content Consolidation With a Program Portal

No matter how your group program is setup, there’s almost always a need for a “go-to space” for your clients to not only review boundaries and pre-work, but also rewatch session replays, access any additional resources, etc. Having a program portal that is a central place for everyone in the group program to go to soak in pre-recorded content, access recordings of live sessions, find support and billing information so they can self-manage their experience is critical to ensuring you keep your time (and your team’s time) focused on top priorities.

Many of our clients with group programs and masterminds opt for a Learning Management System like Kajabi or Mighty Networks to host content and manage information shared with their clients. That said, you can also get creative with it and use a system like Trello that you invite everyone to where they have access to call information & replays, onboarding tasks, activities and links to additional modules – all through intentionally structured cards! Another alternative could be a backend page on your website that is designed and structured to showcase required information and host new resources, links, downloads and videos as they need to become available throughout the program.


Administrative Reminders with Group Emailing

The absolute last thing you probably want to do while running a group program is doing manual administrative tasks. And you shouldn’t have to, so long as you get your tools setup and communication systems on point before the program begins. As with any systems, setup is required, but normally only ONCE for it to be successful well into the future.

That means any call reminders, weekly updates, new content released notifications, bonus resources, etc. can all be scheduled ahead of time with your email marketing service provider like Flodesk or Mailerlite. All you have to do is:

  1. Create a segment in your email service provider for participants in your group program
  2. Add participants to the segment as they’re confirmed (or setup an automatic integration with Zapier for them to be added manually once they sign their contract or pay their invoice).
  3. Pre-schedule all call reminders, weekly updates, administrative reminders, etc. before the program begins.
  4. Never worry your clients aren’t being told what’s going on, where to find something or how to ask for help again.


Where Should You Start?

Start by mapping out the experience you want to deliver. Then, you’ll be able to find the right tools and clearly see the right automations and elements that you’ll need in order to make that experience map come to life. Now, if you’re ready to go all the way and make your group program or mastermind the Money Maker in your business, our custom client experience design packages can help.

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