4 Ways to Create a More Magnetic Experience For Your Signature Service

October 6, 2022

Sarah Williams


Here, you'll find all of the resources, tutorials and behind the scenes to audit & elevate your client experience. Our goal? To increase the lifetime value of your clients and make your client experience your brand's secret advantage.

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Whether you have a signature service like a 1:1 offer (like a 6 month coaching package or a retainer social media management package, for example) or a cornerstone group program or mastermind, there are always opportunities to create a more differentiated, unique and magnetic client experience. It’s time to get creative, set yourself apart and build your signature service into something your clients won’t be able to stop raving about.

Quickly, before jumping into our list, remember it’s important to always deliver what’s been promised. All the bells and whistles in the world won’t prevent a bad experience from happening if you don’t keep your promise and deliver what you said you would. Keep that in mind.

Okay, now let’s explore how you can rewrite the rules of the game and show up on YOUR terms for your clients.



Add Personality

We talk a lot about systems and LOVE making sure your signature service is being delivered on autopilot as much as possible. That doesn’t mean you can’t let your brand’s personality shine through and make it feel like a truly personalized experience. Whether it’s in your proposal, welcome guide, kick-off presentation or any of your canned emails, let you shine through.

Smart fields also help! We like to include smart fields throughout our proposals, emails and Project Guides in Dubsado (though HoneyBook lets you do this too!) to make it feel like the documents are specifically tailored to our clients.

Hot tip: Establishing a Brand Messaging Guide with key messaging and go-to phrases, tone, etc. helps you delegate this part (or even just keep yourself aligned with your own brand as you write copy).


Find Opportunities to Surprise & Delight

Look for areas in your signature service’s workflow to go above and beyond. Now, this doesn’t mean adding more things to your to-do list. If there are ways to automatically share extra value, fantastic! Of course, mailing out a physical gift always helps πŸ˜‰ Especially for a luxury service.

For example, with our Game Changer and Money Maker packages, we mail out physical copies of the handover documents to our clients at the end of every project so they have a physical copy to reference for all of their strategy. It’s branded (obviously) and printed on quality paper to surprise and support our clients well after our project has ended.

Other ideas could be mailing out a welcome package with branded swag, sharing a bonus PDF with journal prompts or a Reading List of books you recommend. You could also surprise your with a bonus call or guest expert, if you have a group program!


Make It Exclusive

Create exclusivity for your signature service by requiring prospects to complete a qualifying application or apply for an interview. It may feel extra if you’re not doing this already, but it can help make sure leads are coming in that are serious and ready to put in the work. It also shows your prospective new clients that you don’t just take in anyone. They’ll trust you more quickly when you say “We really do think you’ll be a great fit for this”, versus feeling like you’re saying what they want to hear just to make the sale.

If you’re going the application route (which we almost always recommend, unless you offer a paid discovery call / consultation instead), make sure it’s relatively comprehensive and asking truly qualifying questions. Don’t just have a name, email and “tell me about your business/life” field. Build it out.

Go deep. Ask them to reflect and put in some time. It’s okay and it helps down the line, not just for them to be more committed to your process, but also for you to know if they really would be a good fit!


Money Maker - Blog Promo - Rebel Office


Get Creative With Delivery

Sometimes we get stuck as business owners creating things we’ve already experienced. Like if you’ve been a part of a coaching program before so you create something similar because that’s what you think they’re supposed to look and be like.

But it’s time to think outside of the box, my friend.

Get creative. Explore other alternatives. Lean on pre-recorded modules for curriculum training, have office hours instead of workshops, base your program on a workbook, do daily voice notes/prompts instead of monthly calls, add reports or fancy documents, design a proprietary tool that you work out of instead… the sky is truly the limit and YOU get to decide how your clients will learn, implement and benefit from your expertise best.

If you’re ready to deliver a truly magnetic, automated and elevated experience for your signature service, we’ve got you. Our Money Maker package is 12 weeks of the Rebel Office team in your systems, designing a revolutionary experience for your business to help your signature service take your business to new heights. Learn more and apply today.Β 

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