3 Signs It’s Time For an Offer Makeover

June 8, 2022

Sarah Williams


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So you’re starting to question if your offers (ie. products and services) need an offer makeover to be more effective, eh? Excellent! One of the beautiful things in business, especially in the online business space, is that continuous improvement is a necessity to stay on top of the game and to continue being relevant and impactful for your target audience. But how do you *know* your offers need a makeover? Well, any of these three signs are a pretty good indication:

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You Need an Offer Makeover If… You Dread Selling Or Delivering It

Before we even get into if your clients are getting out of your offers what they need to, are you?! If you’re self-conscious putting your offer out there, if YOU aren’t sold on the transformation it delivers, if YOU dread getting a new client in it because then that means you have to start working through it with them… Well, then it’s time for an offer makeover.

You Need an Offer Makeover If… Your Clients Aren’t Seeing Life Changing Results

Think we’re being too dramatic saying “life changing”? Too bad, it’s true. The smallest shift or reframe can change your clients’ lives, and if they’re not walking away better than they came to you with, it’s time to re-evaluate what your offer promise is, how you deliver it and what you’re really spending your time with them doing. You’re allowed to get your clients big results. It can be scary to put that out there and build something that is going to make that happen. It can be much easier to play small, help with little things and take their money, coasting by. But fuck that, because that’s not what you’re in business for. It’s time to change some lives. It’s time for an offer makeover.

You Need an Offer Makeover If… Your Clients Aren’t Telling Others About It

Your products and services, depending on how you deliver them and what results they get, have the power to turn your clients into your strongest sales asset. How? By making clients your brand ambassadors, making them so excited to not only sign up again themselves (or for the next level) but also telling others about it and sending them your way. If referrals aren’t your largest lead source, it’s time for an offer makeover.

Okay, But Now What?

You deserve to LOVE what you do and how you make money in your online business. Your clients deserve to have their lives totally shifted after working with you. Their network, friends, colleagues and community deserve to know you exist so you can help them too. But where should you start?

  1. Do some market research and reconnect with your target audience. Speak with your dream clients so that you can start meeting them where they’re at and redesign your offers to make them irresistible.
  2. Audit your existing offers to see if the foundation is good and just a few things need an adjustment to make them really powerful – or maybe you’ll realize it’s best to start from scratch.
  3. Fill in the gaps with new offers. Begin the design process for any new products or services, and work through: deliverables, benefits, the journey you want to walk someone through, next steps and where they go once they’ve worked through that new offer with you, and the experience. Don’t forget to design an intentional, powerful and elevated experience!

If you find that all a little bit overwhelming, don’t know how to effectively audit your offers or design your entire offer suite to be strategic and sell itself, we go through all of that in Module 2: Offer Work inside The In Demand Blueprint. Unlock 6 areas in your business through auditing then elevating so you can create wild demand for your brand… yes, easily.

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