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Rebel Office Inc. announces partnership with veritree and commits to supporting the Forest Gardens project in Senegal with help from clients and community

June 1, 2022

Rebel Office


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Muskoka, ON, June 1, 2022 – Rebel Office Inc. is thrilled to announce their partnership with veritree to launch its impact initiative with the commitment of 50,000 trees planted before May 31, 2023. 

veritree is a Vancouver-based startup and planting management system that directly connects sponsors of projects with the impacts of their contributions on the ground. The blockchain technology startup, founded by co-founders of tentree, a sustainable clothing company, was built to solve many of the problems facing tree planting and nature-based solutions across the globe: double counting or lack of additionality, poor monitoring for permanence, and inability to collect usable data.

Through the use of veritree’s system, Rebel Office will now be able to integrate this transparency-focused technology into their business model and not only offset their own online-based operations, but also advocate for and support their clients and community to do the same. 

“One of our core company values is to dare to equally prioritize profit, planet and people. Partnering with veritree and integrating their technology into our business model allows us to fully embrace this value into our team and into the lives of our incredible clients,” said Sarah Williams, founder and CEO of Rebel Office. “It’s an honour to team up with veritree and for our community and our clients to use Rebel Office as a vehicle for positive impact outside of our bottom line.” 

Rebel Office’s commitment for its 2022-2023 year is to plant 50,000 trees to the Forest Gardens in Kaffrine, Senegal, with an initial contribution of 2,000 trees. The ‘forest gardens’ are a form of sustainable agroforestry that mimics natural woodland ecosystems by planting diverse species that benefit each other, wildlife and humans on their growth and cultivation. This specific project is a multi-year program for local communities where farmers are equipped with the knowledge, best practices and skills to restore the land. 

Through Rebel Office’s digital programs and client experience consultancy services, they will partner with their clients in tiers to donate a proceed of their revenue towards this initiative to meet their annual commitment to veritree and the Forest Gardens project in Senegal. For example: 

  • for every student who joins their program The In Demand Blueprint, 250 trees will be planted;
  • for every client who works with Rebel Office’s team on a 1:1 basis through their custom client experience design services, 1000 trees will be planted. 


About Rebel Office

Rebel Office Inc. is a collective of Client Experience Consultants, working with entrepreneurs and brands to turn their client experience into their brand’s secret advantage. Regardless of industry, they work with their clients to design their service-based businesses intentionally and in an aligned way to skyrocket their bottom line, so they can make good money and do good in the world. 

Learn more about Rebel Office at 

Explore Rebel Office’s interactive Forest Page at


About veritree

veritree is a reforestation platform that connects nature-based solutions with mission-driven companies ready to lead the restorative economy. With on-the-ground project monitoring and blockchain verification, veritree delivers tree planting data directly to businesses and consumers, improving transparency and trust, restoring ecosystems, revitalizing communities, and fighting climate change. 

Founded by tentree, the clothing brand that pioneered customer-engaged tree planting, veritree scales consumer-centric planting programs between planting organizations and corporations around the world. To date, veritree and its partners have planted over 75 million trees.

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