4 Questions to Ask Yourself When You’re Auditing Your Client Experience

May 25, 2022

Sarah Williams


Here, you'll find all of the resources, tutorials and behind the scenes to audit & elevate your client experience. Our goal? To increase the lifetime value of your clients and make your client experience your brand's secret advantage.

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When it comes to your business, we’re major advocates for auditing your client experience… regularly. Why? Because if you’re a service-based business, your client experience is one of the few things that actually matter. If your clients have a bad experience, they’re gone and they’re telling everyone about it. Whereas if they have a great one with great results, they’ll become your biggest sales asset.

And after all, if you’re in this for the long haul, the real name of the game is continuous improvement.

So when it comes to your client experience, here are 4 questions you want to be able to answer:

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Q1: Where are areas of resistance?

Are you noticing clients not paying right away, or are they asking more questions in a certain spot? Are they not engaging as much as you hoped they would or not completing your forms as quickly as needed? Look for these areas of resistance when auditing your client experience and then break down ways to smooth those out, change the language or restructure your workflows to change that.

Q2: What is my client retention rate?

How many clients are coming back after working with you once? This will shine a light on any opportunities to improve your offboarding to incorporate an upsell or next steps. If your initial experience is awesome and you get your clients great results, they’ll be ready to sign up with you again to tackle the next level.

Q3: What is my primary lead source?

Know where your clients are coming from, and make sure you’re checking in to see if that’s where you want them to be coming from. There’s a lot of pressure for new clients to always be coming in, especially coming in from social media, but in fact we think it’s GREAT if your referral rate is your primary lead source because that means:

  1. Those who are finding you and buying from you are telling others and selling for you, and
  2. It makes social media OPTIONAL which, to us, is a major bonus.

Q4: Where can I automate more?

Automation can save you (and your team, if you have one) serious time. Instead of chasing clients for invoices and making sure they’re getting a proposal for a new project that’s on brand and seamlessly designed to sell your offers, you and your team can use that time for better things: like showing up for your clients and living your best life.

And remember: automation doesn’t mean LESS HUMAN. You can still have your brand personally SEEPING out of your automated systems to ensure the experience you’re delivering is top notch, intentional and giving your clients everything they need to succeed while working with you (and beyond).

If you’re having a hard time auditing your own client experience, let us do it! We’ll review 5 key areas of your client experience (your offers, brand, communication, systems and client acquisition tactics), give you a personalized CX score and a breakdown of recommendations for how to improve it. We’ll also give you a 90-day action plan to implement our recommendations so you’re not left wondering “okay, but now what?”. We’ve got you!

Learn more and book your Client Experience Audit today.

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