3 Workflows to Automate For Your New Mastermind Program

May 18, 2022

Sarah Williams


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So you’re ready to scale your one-on-one offers by designing and delivering a mastermind program, are you? Congratulations! And while it’s an exciting time to dream up how you’re going to structure your new group program, there are some other things you’ll want to consider that will, yes, take a bit of work up front, but will set you up for long term success and total ease during the launch period:

Your systems – obviously!


The Three Workflows To Automate To Make Running Your Mastermind Program a Breeze

Workflow 1: Your Qualifying Process

When running a group program, it’s your job to curate a group of individuals who are ready to learn, do the work and be a valuable member to the group as a whole. With that, there are key steps that we often recommend our clients integrate into their initial sales process to make sure everyone is a good fit.

Here’s an example of a potential qualifying workflow:

Workflow 2: Your Onboarding Process

Once you’ve qualified the incredible clients you’re about to bring into your mastermind program, it’s time to welcome them so that they feel supported and are setup for success in your program. Here, you want to make sure they have information to know what’s happening next and what THEY have to do next. It’s important to validate their investment as soon as possible by providing value like bonus trainings or access to additional resources, prompting them to complete some homework and/or introducing themselves to the rest of the group so they start to feel like they belong before the program officially kicks off.

Here’s an example of a potential onboarding workflow:

Workflow 3: Your Offboarding Process

Let’s jump now to when you’re wrapping up your mastermind program. If it’s a revolving door program, you can automate the offboarding process so everyone leaving the program, no matter when that is, is supported and sent on their way the exact same way. You can do this for live programs too. Ultimately, you want them:

  • To feel celebrated and excited for what’s next
  • To provide you with any feedback so you can continue to make your program bigger and better
  • To share their wins for social proof and sales assets
  • To know how you can continue to support them at this next level they’ve grown to

Here’s an example of a potential offboarding workflow:

What Tools Should I Use to Run My Mastermind Program?

When it comes to tech for programs, both group and one-on-one, you can go as simple or as complex as you’d like. Our personal recommendation is to use a Client Relationship Management (CRM) tool like Dubsado or HoneyBook to capture client information and communicate with them in a centralized tool. The benefit of tools like this as well is AUTOMATION.

We use Dubsado here at Rebel Office, but probably recommend Dubsado and HoneyBook equally to our clients based on their needs and the level of automation that they want.

The workflows above can be done entirely on autopilot so you have the time, space and resources to simply show up and support your program participants without having to chase invoices, follow up on forms, send group call invites, etc.

That said, you can also create forms in Typeform or Google Form, send appointment reminders manually through your email marketing provider, check-in with each individual participant, and more. There are always work arounds in online business! That said, it’s often worth the investment to have everything consolidated, streamlined and automated because the time you get back (and the excellent experience that you offer due to a strategic and intentional workflow that runs without you) will bring you back your investment tenfold.

How Can I Create a Truly Epic Mastermind Program & The Workflows to Match?

We’ve got you 😉 First, start by designing your program with the transformation and your ideal client in mind. Define deliverables, benefits, bonuses – all of it! And remember: a more impactful transformation doesn’t always mean adding more. Then, start to build your workflows, integrate your systems and get automated BEFORE you start prepping your launch and promotional assets. Have your backend locked in before you start spreading the word so that you can sell with confidence that you can start taking applications as soon as someone asks! Because they will 🥂

Rebel Office Client Experience Design

Our MONEY MAKER package is a great opportunity for you to get support from the Rebel Office team to execute market research, work through strategically designing your program with you, creating an aligned and elevated sub brand for your mastermind program, designing and automating your process from qualifying to offboarding AND building you a launch plan to get your new program out there with you positioned like the pro you are.

Learn more about our custom client experience design services here and request more information specifically about our MONEY MAKER package to create a truly magnetic and transformational mastermind program.

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