A Behind The Scenes Look at How We Overhauled Our Own Client Experience (Phase 5: Client Acquisition)

May 3, 2022

Sarah Williams


Here, you'll find all of the resources, tutorials and behind the scenes to audit & elevate your client experience. Our goal? To increase the lifetime value of your clients and make your client experience your brand's secret advantage.

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You can have the perfect business, with everything setup for success, but if you can’t bring clients in, you’ll fail. And to us? Bringing in clients comes down to establishing authority as an expert and client acquisition systems that make closing the deal easy.

Welcome to the fifth and final article of our 5-part “Walking The Talk” series, giving you a behind the scenes look at how we overhauled our own client experience! When we work with our clients to design their client experiences, we work through five specific phases (research, offers, brand, systems and client acquisition).

If you want to catch past articles in this series, you can check them out here: Market ResearchOffers, Branding and Systems.

Now that our internal operations were setup and ready to run new clients through, it was time for us to get the word out there, establish authority and get to work!

Step 1: Get Clear On Our Brand Messaging

This is where we come full circle, with our marketing strategy aligning with the market research we did at the beginning of this process months ago. It’s time to get super clear on our brand messaging.

With the support of Unruly Media Group, who supported us in our competitive analysis in the Market Research phase, as well as Studio Crescent who supported us in elevating our brand concept, we were able to solidify our brand messaging.

I’ll be honest, I have never felt more confident in our brand messaging in the last 7 years than I do at this moment in time. Over the years, we’ve changed direction, our offers, who we support. It’s been a journey of self discovery for Rebel Office, but there’s never been the sense of clarity that there is now.

And for that, I’m wildly proud.

Specific statements that we’ve used to ensure our brand messaging stays crystal clear include our vision, brand values and tagline.

Rebel Office Brand Messaging

Rebel Office Brand Messaging

Rebel Office Brand Messaging

Rebel Office Brand Messaging

Having these key phrases and this guided messaging supports us not only on our web copy, funnel copy and captions, but also internally as a team.

Step 2: Define Our Authority Pillars

Now that we have the strategic direction, we’re ready to step up as the authority in this defined space. So we defined our pillars or “buckets” for establishing authority. Often also called “content pillars”, your authority pillars are specific topics that do two things:

  1. Carve out space for you to be known for that one thing
  2. Build trust towards your offers and showcase your expertise

The best place to find your authority pillars are to look at your organizational framework. What process do you work through with your clients? Is there a step-by-step process that you walk them through? Break those steps down into your authority pillars and establish yourself as an expert at each step.

Another method that plays off the first way is to look at your offers, like a course you have or a service you offer and if there are key areas throughout that offer that you cover, those are also great areas to establish expertise. It allows you to show up and provide value in those areas, and then say “oh, and we can also help you with that!”

After reworking our custom client experience design packages and building out our client experience audit system, our areas of authority became crystal clear: Offers, Branding, Communication, Systems and Client Acquisition.

Step 3: Establish a Manageable, Scalable Content Strategy

Once we defined our authority pillars, it was a matter of creating a content strategy that showcased these pillars while hitting on the three main types of content: education, entertainment and inspiration. Key details we needed to identify in our content strategy were:

  • What platforms
  • Who we’re speaking to on each of those platforms
  • What types of content on each platforms
  • What assets need to be developed and prepared to make it easy.

Once we identified strategic platforms to show up on (for us: Email, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and TikTok), we broke down the types of content and how we were going to cycle that content on each platform to make batching content easy. Ultimately, through this process, we now know how many blogs we need per month, quote graphics, reels, infographics, etc. for each platform.

Step 4: Audit & Prepare Assets

We’ve got the strategy and the system, now it’s time to prepare as many templates and assets as possible to make the content creation process easy. From Reels covers to different types of Instagram feed graphics that we can repurpose on platforms like LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Content Templates Rebel Office

Step 5: Increase Reach

By step five, we have everything in place to start communicating this new direction and it’s time to get some real reach on our new messaging. There are three ways we’ve done this:

  • We’ve brought on That Girl Agency to support us with content creation for Instagram and TikTok. Additionally, I’ve blocked off 1-2 hours every day myself to create content like writing blog posts, schedule emails, work on new funnels, etc.
  • We’ve developed new funnels and elevated existing ones such as our free Manual for Designing & Delivering Your Signature Offer. It’s important to us that we have content working for us around the clock, nurturing leads and helping others even if we can’t show up on social at that time.
  • We’ve established partnerships and leveraged others’ audiences to get in front of new people and strengthen our own deliverables.

And while I want to say “that’s it!”, of course all of this is easier said than done and creating a system to bring in clients on autopilot, through new clients and nurturing existing ones, takes time and intention. But it’s totally possible and the sooner you get those systems in place, the sooner you can start carving out that space for yourself and your business.

Rebel Office Client Experience Design

Overall, this entire process of us overhauling our own client experience, from doing market research, introducing new offers, and elevating our brand, to automating our experience and establishing our authority, has set us up for not only greater success today, but also long-term success.

And taking this holistic approach with our clients is critical. While working on ONE of those things will help get you closer to where you want to go, making sure they are ALL working together is what’s really going to get you there. It’s about all of the moving parts working together.

Sure, it seems like a big project. And we hear a lot from our clients before they jump in that it’s scary to go all in. But what’s scarier: doing what you have to do to get your business where it needs to be? or staying where you’re at?

I’m grateful we documented our own experience working through our process. And I’m grateful that you’ve been tuning in and following along. Thank you, and we hope to support you in elevating your own client experience in the future. To request more information, you can visit here.

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