4 Features You Want in Your CRM to Make Your Life Easier

March 16, 2022

Sarah Williams


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When you invest in a CRM for your business, there are probably 1 of 2 ways that the experience is gonna go:

  1. “OMG, this is *the* best thing I’ve ever, EVER done!”, OR
  2. “This is so confusing and annoying, and I hate it.”

And, we’re gonna make a humble guess that you’d prefer option 1, huh?! 

Because, here’s the thing: the right CRM can be the very biggest game-changer you invest in your business. A CRM can help you completely and totally elevate and streamline your client experience, save tons of time, and do more of what you actually love.

The wrong CRM, though? Eek — it can be an actual addition to your workload, and not in a good way. 

It’s why looking for certain things in your CRM can totally rock and change your life.

Why you need a CRM

First things first, you need to understand the point of a CRM, otherwise known as a customer relationship management tool. These are going to be the online platforms that you use to communicate with clients, send contracts, manage your workload, and generally run your business — and they can be a huuuuuge help.

See, without a CRM, you’re likely spending tons and tons of time on tasks that are weighing you down more than you even think. You’re probably sending the same emails over and over again, taking the time to pull and send contracts, and taking time on workflows that you don’t even realize exist. With a CRM, you can get all of those things done for you *automatically.*

It’s magic.

4 Features You Want in Your CRM to Make Your Life Easier

So, did we convince ya that a CRM might just change your entire life? If so, we’ve got you along the way, too. As you search through CRMs online, from Honeybook to Dubsado to 17Hats and everything in between, there are a few things you want to look out for. Here are the 4 features you want (and, like, need) in your CRM to make your life truly, truly easier:

Appointment scheduling

Okay, can we please all agree that setting up time to jump on calls has got to be one of the most obnoxious parts about being a business owner?! On a good day setting up an appointment or a call involves at *least* 2 emails, and even if you have a scheduling software, you’re likely paying for it… and needing to remember to keep it updated, too. 

But, good news: a CRM can do this for you! There are tons of CRMs that come embedded with the option for potential and current clients to schedule a call (or vice-versa), no annoying back-and-forth required. Also, let’s be honest… why pay for tons of tools, like scheduling websites, when you can consolidate with your CRM?

Send contracts and invoices

Getting a new client (yay!) also goes hand in hand with sending contracts and invoices… which can be a huge drag if you don’t have a seamless process in place. Enter: sending contracts and invoices via your CRM platform! When you’re searching for a CRM, look for one that lets you send contracts and invoices automatically — and at the same time — so that people pay when they sign. No more sending PDF contracts and separate invoices, yeah?!

Autopay, autopay, autopay

Whether you’re working on a retainer or have a project that’s broken into stages, you know the feeling of needing to craft multiple invoices… and then remind yourself to send them on time. Oof, right?! But, I bet you  know where we’re going on this — your CRM can do this, too! You never, ever have to chase an invoice (or remember to send it on a specific day) EVER again, which is huge for peace of mind.

Automated workflows

The amount of workflows you complete each day in your business are huge, even if you don’t know it yet. From the steps that need to be taken once a client books a call all the way to the specific emails you send out during projects, your client experience is broken down into tons of stages that tend to add a looooot of time (and admin work) to your plate. However, a CRM gives you the ability to automate each and every one of those workflows ahead of time, saving you a lot of time on admin work and giving you a lot more time to actually do the things you love.

Now that you know exactly what to look for in a CRM, you can find the right one (we freakin’ love ClickUp) and completely overhaul the way you run your business. And, if you’re ready to truly design a magical client experience, we’ve got you covered. Our custom Client Experience Design services are built to help you deliver the very best, every time. Let’s chat.

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