4 Eye-Opening Audience Q’s to Ask to Elevate Your Brand Experience

February 25, 2022

Sarah Williams


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When you’re an entrepreneur — whether you’re a service provider or a product-based biz — there’s nothing as important as your brand experience. See, your brand experience is exactly what your clients, customers, and audience see. From the second they start interacting with your brand online or in person, that brand experience peeks out… and it’s absolutely essential that you optimize each and every step of it to keep them coming back.

And, here’s some good news: there are a ton of ways to elevate your brand experience. Brand experience is one of those things that needs to be constantly updated and adjusted over time, too — and knowing how to elevate it is exactly how you’ll keep it rockin’ like it (and you) deserve.

But, you might be wondering “how the heck do I actually have a better brand experience?!”

Two words, friends: your. Audience.

Let’s dig in.

How your audience determines your brand experience 

In your business, nothing is more important than your audience. Without an engaged audience, you’re not booking projects, you’re not selling offers, and you’re not growing — at all. And, the key to keeping your audience engaged? It’s listening to them, and it’s using their feedback to grow and strengthen the way you run your business.

It’s why we’re huge fans over here of asking our audience alllllll the Q’s, especially when it comes to keeping track of how they engage with and move with our brand.

See, your audience is made up of the people who are actually experiencing the brand experience we’re talking about. They’re the ones who are accessing your website, digging through your offer copy, and trying to make decisions. And, your job is to give them the most impeccable experience possible.

Enter: knowing what their brand experience looks like in the first place.

4 Audience Q’s to Ask to Elevate Your Brand Experience

When you’re working on designing and elevating your brand and your brand experience, you want it to be an impactful one — and you want it to be an experience that encourages everything from clicks all the way to purchases and bookings. So, here’s your job: start asking questions.

We’re big fans of starting with these 4 q’s for your audience, whether you’re asking them via an email funnel, on social media, or at a step in your client workflow:

  1. When you look at our website or our social feeds, what emotions come up? 

It’s simple sales psychology that emotions come up when we interact with brands, whether they’re great ones or neutral ones or bad ones — and, obviously, you want the emotions that come up for your audience to be overwhelmingly positive. The key? To know what those emotions are, so that you can adjust anything that sticks out!

See, there are a ton of things that can instill emotion for a brand, from the colors you use to the copy you write to the organization (or lack of it) that you integrate within your client process. So, when you ask your audience about their emotions, follow it up with another question, too: What exactly is actually giving them the emotions that they’re feeling?

  1. If you were to describe us in one word, what would it be? 

Making your brand experience the very best it can be all comes down to understanding what people think of your brand experience already, which is why we love asking our audience to describe us in one word. Now, while no brand can ever (or should ever) be able to be distilled down to just one word, getting some high-level word ideas can be so, so helpful for you.

Once you’ve gotten a list of description words from your audience, you can start circling your favorites and your least favorites, and adjusting accordingly. If you’re seeing a word consistently pop up that you don’t want to align with, consider digging deeper to find out what’s encouraging people to think this way! It’s a next-level approach.

  1. On a scale from 1-10, how much do you trust us?

Being trusted by your audience is arguably the most important part of your brand experience, and being aware of that trust (or lack of it) is essential, too. By polling your audience on your trust level, you can do some digging to find out where your trust is gapping or really performing, which is exactly how you can elevate your brand experience in itself.


  1. What would have made your brand experience with us better?

Okay, so here’s the kicker: you always, always want to know how you can improve for your clients and your audience — and that means that you have to be open to seeing where your clients and your audience want you to improve. 

While this might not be something you’ll want to widely poll your audience about, we highly recommend implementing a question like this into your client experience or offboarding workflow. This will give you the opportunity to gather all of your improvement areas in one place, which lets you attack them one by one.

Now, trust us here: consistently elevating your client and brand experience is an ever-evolving thing, and that’s okay! No one ever tells you how hard being an entrepreneur can be, you know?! But, wow — it’s so dang rewarding, too.

And, if you’re ready to completely and totally overhaul your client and brand experience, we’ve got you. Book a Client Experience Audit today, and get a personalized deep dive and implementation plan based on your offers, brand, systems, communication, and client acquisition.

Basically, we’ll help you rock your business even more than you already are.

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