10 Things We Learned From Our Market Research Study & Why You Need to Do One Too + Manual

November 25, 2021

Sarah Williams


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Market research is so underrated. In the online business space, we hear all the time about the importance of creating your ideal client profile (also known as audience avatar, persona, etc.), but what about actually speaking to them? It’s great for us to know who we want to sell to and make projections about where they like to hang out and what content they like to consume… But what if they’re not REAL?

It’s time to prioritize market research and to start building it in and normalizing it as a regular business activity. The benefits of market research and how to do it intentionally are broken down in our Manual for Market Research for Online, Service-Based Businesses. But at the end of the day, it’s important to actually communicate with the people who are buying from, listening to and loving on your brand. It can help you:

  1. Refine your services
  2. Create more relevant content
  3. Write copy that converts better
  4. Get insight into your competitors
  5. Identify opportunities and gaps in your current brand experience
  6. and more!

Honestly, the list is endless. This is why, here at Rebel Office, we do an annual market research survey ON TOP OF quarterly audits and monthly analytics reviews. The data matters, my friend.

Here’s what we found!


Quick Disclaimer

All of the data presented below represents members of the Rebel Office community. We strongly recommend you perform your own market research and take the numbers below with a grain of salt because your brand and ours are most likely positioned differently and attract variations in demographics.


What We Learned About Our Community

  • 85% love our blogs about strategy; 77% about marketing and sales and 62% about being the CEO and visionary of your brand. This tells us that our audience is strategy-focused and comes to us for that topic, followed by our digital marketing and evergreen funnel content. Armed with that information, we’ll be prioritizing those areas in our content calendar for the new year.
  • 100% love spending time on IG. Facebook came in second with 69% and 46% are on LinkedIn. This tells us we’re in the right place. It validates our Instagram strategy and, at the same time, nudges us to double down on both Instagram and Facebook to really amplify our message.
  • 92% use Google Search as their preferred method for finding info for their business. This one stung a bit because we absolutely have not prioritized SEO and it’s become one of our main projects for Q1 and Q2 of the new year. Oops! It also tells us to prioritize the SEO of our blog content as well and really prioritize being found on search engines.
  • The most used tool is Canva! 85% of you love it. This unleashed an insane amount of ideas for digital products for us, including how we can build up some of our existing offers to support this tool and offer even more value to our clients and customers.
  • A battle’s been declared! 46% are #teamClickUp and 46% are #teamAsana. To be honest, this one didn’t surprise me that much since it reflects our client base pretty accurately. That said, based on our own research outside of the survey, we’re predicting an even greater migration from Asana to ClickUp, and that’s where we’re going all-in with our chips.


What We Learned About Our Brand

  • 100% of the people who answered our survey that had worked with us would recommend us to a friend. Honestly, we’re humbled and love you all!
  • 100% of those who have purchased from us would be interested in purchasing any of our products/services again. And we’ll be 100% happy to have you!
  • 92% of survey participants find us approachable (honestly, our goal) and the three words that describe us are Friendly (85%), Fun (%77), and Fresh (54%). Love these! Watch out for a lil’ refresh coming in the new year to lean into these even more. 😉
  • 92% enjoy receiving our Newsletters and read them regularly. Yup. Unless a major event happens like the internet all around the world goes down, you’ll keep on receiving them twice per month.
  • 90% are nuts for our checklists, guides and manuals – like our latest Manual for Market Research which you can grab here.


What To Do Once You Complete Your Market Research

Surveying your audience isn’t the only way to do market research. Data mining and competitive analysis are also important parts of the process. Regardless, once you’re done all that, it’s important to take a step back and look at all of the data with a 360 perspective.

The data means nothing unless you take the time to give it meaning and make informed decisions. Take your time doing some analysis and building an intentional action plan from it. And then you’re off to the races! You’re armed with information from your audience and a more loyal audience because they now have had a say in your brand. They’ve told you what they want. Now it’s time to align that with the vision you have for your brand and make magic.

Ready to take that step towards informed business decisions through market research? Grab the Rebel Office Manual for Market Research today!


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