Running a Holiday Sale Not Feel Right? Here Are 3 Alternatives Instead

November 11, 2021

Sarah Williams


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Whether it’s running a Black Friday Sale, Boxing Day Sale, or any sale in between, ’tis the season for holiday sales. 

Before I jump into all the reasons why we DON’T run holiday sales here at Rebel Office, let me just preface this article with a quick: there are absolutely benefits to running one. And they work for a lot of people. In fact, a lot of businesses have their most success during the holiday season while running sales and heavily promoting because the truth is – people are looking to buy. 

Whether they’re gifting to others or looking to cash in on a great deal for something they’ve been eyeing all year-’round, shoppers and clients have their credit cards out and are on the hunt for a good deal. 

Fantastic! Does that mean it’s the right thing for you to do? Let’s explore. 

Why We Don’t Run Holiday Sales 

The noise is overwhelming, and I don’t want to contribute to it. Is it just me, or do Black Friday sales start showing up right after Halloween? And I swear Boxing Day Sales start going live well before Christmas even happens. November 1st well into January is HEAVY promo time, and it can get noisy, overwhelming and quite frankly, too much for our audience and for me. 

If someone wants it, they come get it. There are mixed opinions about discounting services to create urgency. We tend to hold strong and stick to our value on our products and services, with the rare care of an upsell for the Rebel Office Resource Library when you purchase our program The Anti-Social Seller and for Early Bird incentives for our Visionary Vacays. Other than that, us hosting a sale is RARE. And that works for us. It’s a nice surprise for our audience when we throw a birthday bash or special event, and that’s how we like it. 

Because screw the status quo. Maybe it’s the rebel in us, but knowing it’s what everyone else does motivates me and the rest of the Rebel Office team to explore other alternatives – one where we don’t feel like we’re swimming down the stream in the same direction as everyone else. 


3 Alternatives to Running Holiday Sales in Your Business

If you’re like us and don’t feel totally aligned with the Holiday Sale stampede, here are some alternatives to keep your bottom line boosted year-round. 


A Final Thought About Running Holiday Sales (And Really Anything Else in Your Business)

Don’t ever forget that you’re the boss. You’re in charge. No matter what anyone else is doing in their business – even if you see someone (seemingly) being wildly successful using a specific tactic, remember that you’re not them and they’re not you. If it feels aligned, fantastic – go for it! But if it doesn’t? That doesn’t mean you’re not a good business owner or a rockstar at sales. That means you’re trusting your gut and refusing to feel pressured or rushed into doing something that’s not on brand. 

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  2. Actually stick to
  3. Actually see results from (thanks to good ol’ fashioned energetic alignment) 

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