How to Keep Your Community Front & Centre When Building Your Business with Katie Gamble

August 3, 2021

Sarah Williams


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In this episode of The Do Good Business Podcast, our guest – Katie Gamble, founder of Nature Bee Beeswax Wraps – hits all of the pillars of this show. We talk community, environment, equitable opportunities and building a business with values that guide everything you do.

Katie Gamble goes above and beyond with her company to not only have a positive impact on this planet, but also keeps her community front and centre with everything she does. In this episode, we talk about:

  • how starting with one goal to reduce plastic waste grew to a much larger mission
  • how to support the people who are supporting you and your business
  • how to sell products and services to raise funds for a cause or campaign

and more! Listen up.

More about Nature Bee

Nature Bee is a small women-run business founded by Katie Gamble in 2018, that specializes in producing high-quality Beeswax Wraps. Nature Bee’s mission is to make sustainability more attainable by providing a product that is both easy to use and good for the planet. Nature Bee wraps are made using 100% cotton, locally sourced beeswax, pine tree resin, and jojoba oil. Each wrap is handcrafted, folded and packaged here in beautiful Victoria B.C.! Nature Bee takes great pride in using top quality ingredients that meet sustainability and safety standards.

Something Nature Bee does that sets them apart from other companies is their Custom Wrap collaborations. Nature Bee provides this service to companies who wish to customize the design of the wraps with their logos. Nature Bee has had much success with their custom wrap collaborations and has created wraps for companies like Lush Cosmetics, Babybel, and many more!

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