What The Heck is a Visionary Vacay & Why Do You Need Them?

July 5, 2021

Sarah Williams


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Chances are that you’ve heard of taking “CEO Days”, but what about Visionary Vacays? As the leader of your company — whether you’re a company of 1, 10 or 100 — it’s important to step out of the day-to-day operations, put on that dreamy visionary hat and do the work that ensures you’re making aligned business decisions. That’s what this trend of “CEO Days” is — giving yourself permission one day per week (most commonly) to turn off the notifications, open up the spreadsheets and get reviewing, revising and revamping. 


Why CEO Days Aren’t Enough 

First thing first, let’s shift the mindset. The concept of “CEO Day” implies that you’re not the CEO on every other day. Nope. We don’t like that. While carving out a day per week (or a few hours every day — even better!) to focus on leading instead of doing is important, it’s hard to really, truly realign in that time and do the critical visionary work. 


What is “Visionary Work”? 


adjective. (especially of a person) thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom.

noun. a person with original ideas about what the future will or could be like.

You can make a living doing work online. You can make enough to pay the bills and fund your lifestyle. But what if you’re looking for more than that? What if you’re looking for a greater impact? Wherever you are on the spectrum of side hustler & freelancer to Leader of an Empire, taking the time to step into the role of visionary will help you dream bigger, seek innovative solutions to obstacles you’re hitting, and shift your mindset from survival mode to endless opportunities. 

So when we say “visionary work,” it could be a wide range of things that allow you to make aligned business (and life) decisions. That includes: 

  • Reviewing analytics
  • Journalling through mindset blocks 
  • Project planning
  • Rest and relaxation to fuel creativity
  • Team planning 
  • Brand auditing 
  • Content creation 
  • Education & development learning 

And so much more. At the end of the day, it’s whatever you need to take your business in a more aligned direction than where it’s currently at. I started Rebel Office 6 years ago, and to this day, we are constantly tweaking, realigning, levelling up, and pivoting to become what we need to become next. That’s a part of the journey, which is why Visionary Work is so important. Building it into your regular routine now prevents you waking up 6 months from now — or 5 years from now — hating what you’ve built. Unfortunately, this can totally happen but it doesn’t have to. Enter: Visionary Vacays. 


So What The Heck is a Visionary Vacay? 

Imagine stepping away from the day-to-day of your business — the emails, the messages, the constant demand for your attention — and instead:

  • prioritizing your rest, self care and wellbeing
  • allowing the space for you to create and brainstorm freely
  • envisioning every possibility for your business and exploring the most aligned opportunities 
  • working through any mental roadblocks so you can show back up as a top performer for your business and your team 
  • Planning for the next 90 days to ensure they’re the most impactful for where you want to be 1 year, 5 years and 10 years from now 
  • Resetting your priorities and the vision you have for your LIFE and how your business contributes to it 

That’s what a Visionary Vacay is all about. It’s one week where you can turn off the noise so you can turn up the visionary work and realign with what’s important for you and your business. 

Visionary Vacay Rebel Office Promo


Where Do I Have a Visionary Vacay? 

Visionary Vacays can happen from the comfort of your home, to a local rental spot or boutique hotel, all the way to a total vacation spot in your dream destination. Wherever you feel most inspired, do it there. 


How Often Should You Have a Visionary Vacay? 

We recommend a quarterly Visionary Vacay. While this may not be feasible for everyone, we strongly recommend making it happen at least once a year. That said, taking one week off to reset and realign every quarter can keep YOU showing up for your business with the energy it needs. If you have a team, taking that time away is critical for you to show up for them with the most attentiveness and direction as possible too. 

We talked about CEO Days earlier too — I still recommend you keep to them once per week or for a couple hours every day as well to make sure you still have that time for the more frequent tasks like checking in on finances, planning for your dream team and tracking major projects. 

Ready to take the week off but want to make sure it’s being put to good use? There are some key components that we recommend for Visionary Vacays to make sure you’re hitting all the hot spots of being a Visionary. 

  1. Start your day with movement and mindfulness. If you don’t journal or exercise any other time of the year, this one week every quarter is your time to show up, get grounded and show a little self-love. 
  2. Get inspired with personal development or learning something new. This could be listening to a podcast, reading a book, going through course content or developing a new hobby. Nope, it doesn’t have to be business-related. It can be something that simply inspires YOU as a person. New perspectives make for stronger businesses.
  3. Badass Boss Time. Dedicate 2-3 hours where you can review, plan and create for your business with no limitations. Dream big and plan even bigger.
  4. Adventure / You Time. I’m a giant advocate for using our businesses to fuel adventure in our lives. So this one week off every quarter is, yes time for you to get creative for your business, BUT… it’s also a permission slip for you to EXPERIENCE life and let your business support you while you do it. Take surf lessons. Volunteer. Cook a new meal from your favourite cookbook. The world is your oyster.

Ready for an even dreamier itinerary? Check out the bottom of this post.


What if I Don’t Feel Like I Deserve One Yet?

You beautiful human, you: let’s unpack this one. I’m a firm believer — ask any of our clients — that if you want to be somewhere 5 years from now, you need to start acting like that now. And I know, I’ve been there where I’ve thought “When I make (money goal), I’ll finally invest in (dream opportunity)” or “When I finally hit (enter goal), I’ll have “made it” or “succeeded”. 

The reality is that those goals are always changing. As of this moment, you’re not even where you were a few months ago, and that’s so beautiful. So building in habits as early as possible — whether you think you “deserve” them or have “worked hard enough” for them or not — is critical to get you where you actually want to be quicker. 


Ready to Make It Real? Join us for Our Next Visionary Vacay.

Don’t want to do it alone? We’ve got you. Rest, realign and reset at our upcoming Visionary Vacay so that you can come back ready to rock and build your business bigger and better than ever.

Rebel Office’s Visionary Vacay is a quarterly experience for visionaries looking for one week to step away from the day-to-day, realign with themselves as a leader, connect with other powerhouse humans and get their businesses back on track. How? By slowing down. By brainstorming. By giving you the space to think and create. 

With a daily movement & mindfulness session, group breakouts to tackle those sticky obstacles and roadblocks in your biz, exclusive workshops from experts to help you step into your fullest, most visionary self… Yep, we’re ready to spoil you and support you. 

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