The Top 5 Media Pitch Tips

November 24, 2020

Jalene Smith


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Look, we know that creating a media pitch and reaching out can be scary to do and you probably have a lot of questions about how to even do it. Today we’re going to break down the 5 best media pitch tips from Danielle Bayard Jackson to make it more approachable for you.

If you’ve never pitched before and you feel like you have no idea what you’re doing, or if you’ve been doing it for a while and not getting any responses at all then you need to re-evaluate your pitch.

Press is 100% a great way to get your name and your business out there. However, you need to be dedicated to it as it’s a long term strategy game, with the opportunity to pay off big!


PR and Advertising

First let’s break down the difference between Public Relations and Advertising, because people often think that they’re the same. While they are both actually very different, both are definitely still necessary and essential for leveraging growth in your company.

Ads are paid media and therefore are seen as having less credibility because people know that they’re not objective. On the other hand, there’s PR, which is NOT just for when you’ve screwed up and need someone to help fix your mistake. It’s the art of creating a favourable reputation and representation of you and your business.

PR is typically free and earned media. It comes with more credibility which makes you appear trustworthy to potential customers, as someone else is writing about you. This gives you and your company a competitive edge and helps you stand out in your industry.

Now that you understand the difference, let’s get into what you need to know to create a great media pitch to reporters, journalists and writers.


1. It’s not about you!

We’re so used to selling ourselves and going into a full speech about why we’re the best and all the things we’ve accomplished in our business. However, in this situation, it’s about them!

Instead of focusing on why your business is so awesome, focus on how you can help them and what value you can bring to their audience.

Ask yourself these questions and write out every answer you can think of. Then go over your list and pick the ones that will be the most relevant to who you’re pitching.


2. Personalize your message

Continuing on from the previous point. You need to put in the time to personalize every media pitch you send. Talk about something you’ve noticed in their posts or about their work. But don’t get carried away, you have about 11 seconds to catch their attention (they’re busy people!) So, keep messages short.

If someone opens a message and sees a novel they instantly go oh great, delete… You can even do some precise bullet points. Just make it easy to read. Don’t give them a million links to click through to view your work. Try to put everything in one or two links.

Just make it easy! As easy as it can possibly be. They do NOT need more work!


3. Do NOT send mass Emails

I’m serious!

I know you’re thinking it’ll be so much easier to just get it done in one shot, but it’ll really end up being a waste of time. Reporters and anyone in that industry talk to each and it’s not a good look especially if you’re sending the exact same message to everyone.

It won’t boost your chances of multiple people see your message and talk about it. Especially if they work at the same place. Instead, it makes you look desperate and obnoxious. And no one wants that ever. That’s why you need to make sure you do your research and select reporters to reach out to that you think will actually be interested in what you have to offer.


4. Contact them where they are

Follow them on social media, engage with their posts. Actually read their posts from time to time. Like, comment, whatever you gotta do!

Help them start to recognize your name so that when you do reach out, they have an idea of who you are already. You’re going to hate to hear this but, this requires patience. You need to build a relationship, and this relationship building will pay off in the end.

When actually making contact reaching out through Email is always the best choice to try first.

Here’s our top secret media pitch tip: Reach out through Twitter!

Literally slide into their DMs! But only once you’ve built up a relationship with them and if you notice they’re on Twitter a lot. It may not work for everyone but there’s no harm in trying.


5. Next steps

This one is important, so pay attention: Make sure you outline what the next steps are. What’s your CTA (Call to Action)? What do you want them to do next if they want to work with you? How should they contact you and where?

Make sure you clearly outline whatever it is and again make it easy for them, so they don’t feel like it’s more work for them.

 Implementing these media pitch techniques will help you feel confident enough to start getting your business out there in the press.


If you’re a complete beginner or just still feeling a little lost, we’ve got you. In our program, the Anti-Social Seller, you’ll find extremely helpful tips on how to pitch to the media, how to stand out in a sea of Emails, how to find the right people to contact and much more if you want to sell without the pressure of social media.


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