Three Steps to Get Clients Quick (Part 1 of the Purpose & Profit Framework)

August 10, 2020

Sarah Williams


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So you’re ready to get clients quickly, are you?

To build a business that not only feeds your soul but also feeds your bank account is the dream, isn’t it? Financial and lifestyle freedom is the goal, but it’s easy to forget that goal even exists when you’re grinding away in the day-to-day of your daily business operations.

If you’ve been struggling to hit that “full-time income” goal that you have in your head, we here at Rebel Office have developed a framework that we work through with our clients, and see almost immediate results from time and time again.

And yes, I know, when you’ve been hustling your butt off to get results with little to no proof that all your hard work is paying off, all you want is THE answer to all your problems — THE golden ticket to making it all click together. And this can do that for you, but don’t for a moment think it won’t take work.

Being an entrepreneur takes grit. We can show you the way with this framework, but we can’t run your business for you. That’s all you, girl. But, I and the Rebel Office team can help if you let us.

But before we jump to all that, let’s walk you through the first half of our framework that will help you build a business of purpose and make a profit QUICK.



Using Strategy to Get Clients Quick

Strategy, here at Rebel Office, means CLARITY. It means knowing what you stand for, who you sell to and why they’d buy from YOU. So as you build your strategy, make sure that you have a clear vision and distinct values written for your business. Yes, I mean grab a pen and paper or your laptop and put real words out into the world about what you stand for and what you’re working towards.

Once your values are defined and you have a clear idea of where you want to go, you can start to identify your value proposition. Your value proposition is just a fancy term for why YOU? What value are YOU offering your dream client/customer, and why would they pick you over anyone else?

This leads us to the third part of the Strategy: your client/customer. Who are they? Where do they spend their time? How do they consume content? Getting wildly clear on who that person is (because as much as people say “business isn’t personal”, you’re a human selling to another human), will seriously help you sell to them… quickly.


How to Sell to Getting Clients Quick

In reality, sales is a long-term game. It takes time and intention to build the know-like-trust factor. Which isn’t what you want to hear. So let’s break down how you can hack this process to build that trust quickly and efficiently, so you can start building that dream client roster.

Get on the phone.

It’s that simple.

We did a super quick video over on Instagram breaking down three calls you can get on to build that trust speedy quickly, but for this purpose, we recommend offering free strategy calls or audit calls – something to demonstrate your expertise and build relationships.

Head on over to your favourite Facebook group and put a call out, asking if anyone wants a free social media audit, website audit, strategy session, systems review — whatever it is that you’re a rockstar at — it’s time to buckle down and get in front of those people. If they don’t buy from you, they know someone who will.

Gather testimonials. Write case studies. Get yourself out there and start positioning yourself as a pro.


Get Clients Quick With a Sexy Signature Service

There are three things about your services that are going to attract your dream client quickly: how your services will change their life, how you price it and how you deliver it.

The very first thing to get clear on with your services, before your pricing or your deliverables, is to get clear on the exact transformation that you offer your dream client. How is their life before they work with you, and what does it look like after? What proof do you have to demonstrate this (hello free calls mentioned in the last section)?

THEN, you can start thinking about how to price it to attract the kind of people you want to attract, and how to package it so that you can deliver it in a way that resonates with them.

If you need more help building a super sexy, signature service, you’ll want to check out the Structuring Your Services success series inside our Rebel Office Resources Library.

Combining your Strategy, Sales and Services, ultimately bringing them together for one strong, cohesive message about how you can rock your dream clients’ worlds will help you get rid of the noise, tune into showing up to serve and start getting your results quickly.

What do you think of the first half of the framework? Where are you currently strong, and where do you think you need to work? Comment below and let us know!


Now, if you want to learn more about how to sell with media-free marketing tactics, sign-up for The Anti-Social Seller so you can stop the scroll, get your name out there and build a marketing plan that brings you success without the stress of showing up online. 😉


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