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Founder Feature: VP Wright on Inclusivity & Diversity in Business

July 30, 2020

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VP, Founder of The Creative’s Corner, helps millennial creatives embrace their inner CEO and build a sustainable online business.

Vee’s purpose in life is to break down every limiting belief surrounding you, your purpose, and your creative gift(s), and guide you through the rebuilding process of becoming the highest version of yourself: living in freedom, abundance, and joy all led by your purpose energetically in alignment with the universe.

For years, Vee attempted to monetize her creative skills the exact same way that she saw the big content creators and influencers were, and it didn’t work for her. Not because she wasn’t capable or consistent enough, but because her art was for an audience she wasn’t energetically in alignment with yet.

The moment she realized her art was tied to a spiritual energy that was greater than she was, and that it had everything to do with my purpose, everything changed. She attracted her dream business mentor and invested in herself, grew her creative mentoring business to a five-figure business in a matter of months, booked out her coaching program, and was able to create and sell her art whenever she wanted, wherever she wanted, online.

While working with her clients and mentees, and diligently working to increase the visibility through writing and engagement with the creative community in Houston, Vee has been featured and heavily involved in various publications and organizations.


Talking Diversity & Inclusivity in Online Business

Tune into our interview with Vee as she breaks down what it means to have a truly inclusive and diverse business as a business owner and what needs to happen in your business and communities to improve the current business environment.

We are thrilled to have Vee in the Rebel Office community and as a regular collaborator with the Rebel Office team.



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