The 5 Sections Inside Our Client Welcome Package

April 30, 2020

Sarah Williams


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Onboarding clients is an important and oftentimes overlooked part of your client experience and having a client welcome package is a great – and simple, and streamlined-able way to have a good one.

Think about it: When was the last time you bought something?

Did you get confirmation right away? Did you receive the actual product right away? Were you left wondering if your payment even went through? Were you 100% aware of what was happening next or were you left questioning how to keep things moving?

Welcoming your clients with a simple, straightforward PDF or webpage with everything they need to know about the product or service is a great way to offer that post-purchase confidence, even if things aren’t kicking off immediately.

And to give you some inspiration, along with a breakdown of what to include in your Client Welcome Package, let me show you ours.

ps. If you’re unclear about what your client process even looks like, from onboarding to delivery and offboarding, make sure you check out the Client Management Success Series inside our Rebel Office Resource Library, which offers not only trainings and tools from industry pros, virtual co-working and networking opportunities.




It’s always best to start any document with a quick introduction so that you aren’t jumping straight into information. This approach to your Client Welcome Package can be overwhelming for your client, when really, the purpose is to keep things clear, simple and to the point.

We start ours off with a quick congratulations for taking this big step and letting them know that myself and the Rebel Office team have their back.



Contact Information

Next up in our Client Welcome Package, I like to set expectations around communication upfront. Right after a brief introduction to the service, I like to be clear about:

  • How to contact me
  • When to contact me
  • How communication works overall and what they can expect



Roles & Responsibilities

While this is already outlined in the service agreement, and I make sure that it’s clear a commitment and attention are required on both sides to ensure success and results, I like to reinforce it within the welcome package.

Be super clear about your expectations of them as a client, and outline what your commitment is to them so that they know what to expect. Setting expectations at the beginning is critical for a successful relationship. It allows boundaries to be set and trust to be built.

When reiterating the roles and responsibilities of you and your client, make sure it’s in plain English and super easy to understand. No need for fancy legal talk here. The purpose of this section is to be clear, to the point and leaving zero room for misinterpretation.



What’s Included

Once the ground rules have been established, it’s always great to recap what they bought. This again acts as a reminder so that they know what to expect and so that you’re both on the same page about exactly what the deliverables are.

You want to make sure all the basics are covered in this part of your Client Welcome Package. Of course, it’s great if you can go above and beyond, but make sure that everything they signed up for is included. This section confirms for them what they’ve signed up for and gives them some post-purchase confidence.




This page is interactive in the PDF (done in Adobe InDesign to make sure that the individual buttons link to specific links) and is basically a one-pager for their next steps. Links that we include:

Google Drive folder: We make sure they have access to the Drive folder where we often work on strategy, planning and brainstorming documents, as well as copy and content for feedback. It’s a central location for both Rebel Office and our clients to dump files that are easily accessible to both of us (including their service agreement and any additional sub-agreements). 

Booking link: While we normally rebook sessions at the end of the current session, the first 1-2 need to be booked in advance to initiate the program. This streamlines it so that multiple emails don’t need to be sent and it is all nicely packaged into one spot. 

Access to our Rebel Office Resource Library: all of our higher-level clients get full access to our resource library for female founders so that they not only get 1-on-1 support but also access our evergrowing trainings with industry experts and our network of women entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate with.


And that’s it! Super quick, organized and easy to follow so that clients get immediate reassurance that myself and Rebel Office have their back and that they made a great decision to invest in themselves and their business strategy.

Now, if you’re unclear about what your client process even looks like, from onboarding to delivery and offboarding, make sure you check out our Work Parties, where you can get the strategy and build the systems you need to run your business like a boss.



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