Your Body Image + Your Business

February 18, 2020

Jazmine Kongmuang


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You read the title.

You’re reading this right now. 

What are you thinking? How are you feeling?

Have you already noticed that your body image might be affecting your business’ success?

I have this inkling that the most common answer to this is, “actually, yeah…”


Whether you have a positive body image, or not-so, how you feel about yourself significantly affects your brand and your business and your personal life.

As entrepreneurs, we are often the face of our business. We embody our brand, we are our brand, and we take so much pride in our work and the way we serve but some of us find ourselves holding back. Not being out there, whether it’s going live on IG or FB, posting photos of ourselves without the full make-up and hair works, or even at all. I see it SO often, and I totally do this myself, too. This act of holding back, of not showing our true selves, is really us self-sabotaging our own success, and I know, it sounds super yuck to say. 

I was inspired to write this post for you guys today, after remembering something I heard Jenna Kutcher speak about recently. Jenna said something along the lines of “if you want people to show up for you, you have to fully show up for them, for them to see you”

This may sound like a total no-brainer to you. But be honest, here: are you actually, visibly, showing up in your biz? Are you making sure people see the real you?

If you have your audience avatar identified, you already know what you need to be doing to get the attention of your dream client. She needs to know you’re here on this Earth and ready to serve her. 

Knowing where to find your client, and being fluent in her lingo will also make this process of becoming visible to her so much easier.

What many of us either don’t realize or aren’t willing to admit to ourselves is that our relationship with money is so closely connected with how we feel about our bodies. 

And the thing is that we are so focused on the mission to attract money, forgetting that to attract money, we need first to attract people

People are attracted to your energy, which means if you aren’t allowing your energy to shine through and be visible, no one will even know if they are attracted to your energy. This means no one will know if they want to work with you or pay you money. 


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What is Body Image?

Your body image is how you view yourself and is a combination of your physical appearance, beliefs, thoughts, perceptions, and feelings around your awareness of self. 

How we see ourselves plays such a crucial part in finding overall balance, influencing every aspect of your life: how you show up in your business and how you interact with others, to things like your mental health and physical health.

In very, very recent years, I have become more aware of the importance of putting your own needs first, keeping the metaphor of “if my cup is empty, I can’t help to fill anyone else’s” always in the front of my mind. 

Self-love, acceptance, and appreciation are some of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself. 

I’d like to invite you to do a little exercise that I did earlier today that really struck a chord for me.

Please, grab a journal, then, whenever you are ready, go ahead and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How does putting my true self out there make me feel? 
  2. How could sharing my real self with my audience affect my business? 
  3. How much pressure would I take off myself, if I just let the true me show?

Remember, babe, you never know who’s watching us in this digital space, who could be waiting for the day they see a badass businesswoman just like you on their feed. We all have our own uniqueness, our personal stories, bodies, and mannerisms that your dream client is probably longing to see and connect with. 


Somebody, or possibly even millions of somebody’s, could be waiting to connect with you, so you need to make sure they know you’re here!


When you show who you truly are, and are clear about what you truly want, the right people will come along, and the money will follow along with them. 

If you are already showing up online, you go, girl. I love that for you – feel free to drop your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest or site handle in the comments section below so we can come to show you some love. 

If you aren’t yet putting your true self out there, why not? And, if you think there’s something you believe that we could help you with, just contact us, babe. Rebel Office is here to support you through this.

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