Resolutions vs. Intentions

January 2, 2020

Jazmine Kongmuang


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Happy New Year, you brilliant boss babe, you!

I’d love to just take this moment to thank you again for being with us in this beautiful new decade. We appreciate all your support and hope that you have a truly wonderful new year.

I’m coming at you from the second day of our brand new year, and I can honestly say I feel such a difference in the atmosphere! I feel like every January there is this sense of thrill, the excitement of what this new year holds, all the new opportunities that come with this time of year… You feel it too, right? I absolutely love this feeling.

Just recently, I was brought to the idea of setting an intention for the year, instead of going with the usual old new years resolution idea.

Being 22 now, I cannot honestly say that I was even super into resolutions, even before this year, I actually thought they were quite silly… Like, why does one have to wait for a new year just to set a new goal? The whole idea still seems a little weird to me. But setting an intention, it totally rings a different bell for me.

My intention for this year is to become truly aligned and in love with myself. No more searching for love from outer sources, or constantly questioning myself. I am promising to really make my best effort to embrace my true Self, and love who I am.


You owe yourself the love and care you so freely give to other people. – @mindspo


I have about 5 million short and long term goals set, as usual, but my main personal focus for this year will be shedding all the built-up layers of expectations and judgments that both myself and others have set upon me, and truly just being exactly who I am, and loving her.

I believe that by reminding myself of this intention, affirming it, and really working on it, I will be able to be a better person in every way. I hope that by making this major change in my life, I will be a sort of role model/reassuring figure for those who were feeling how I was last year: overwhelmed, confused and powerless. A walking reminder that we have the power within us to become whoever we want to be.


If you are still looking for that one person who will change your life, take a look in the mirror. – Roman Price


Thanks to my sisters in Innerbloom, I have come to realize that my power, all the things I need to become who I truly want to be and feel how I want to feel, all resides within me. 


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What is an intention?

Setting an intention means to intend to receive, attract or manifest what you desire. Similar to setting a goal, but intentions are clearer, like an affirmation of what you plan to do or create.

By setting an intention, you are telling yourself, and others that you are ready, you have everything you need to reach what you desire, and you are prepared to make the changes you need to live by your intention.

Intentions require a lot of self-reflection, a lot of self-awareness, and appreciation for yourself. This is where they differ majorly from the idea of a resolution. Every single new year I am surrounded by the ‘New Year, New You’ slogan, and it totally guts me.

We don’t need to be ‘new’. We are who and what we are, we are wise because of what we have been through, every moment of the past has chiseled us into the beautiful, strong, driven entrepreneurial badasses that we are in this moment.

We care about ourselves and our goals, and we don’t have to change anything about ourselves to become good enough to achieve our goals. If you have a weight-loss goal, which is like, the most common new years’ resolution I hear every year, you might be thinking along the lines of ‘I need to lose 20kg this year so I can feel good about myself. Or ‘If I just lose this 10kg, I will be happy.

These statements might be true for you, but these are negative ways of setting your goals, and you are tricking yourself into believing that you lack the ability to feel good or be happy, simply because you have this extra weight on you.

In setting an intention, you affirm to yourself that you are worthy, you deserve to feel your absolute best, and care about yourself enough to make the changes you need to, to show appreciation to your body.


How to set an intention

  1. Quieten the mind. Meditate if you wish, create space for your intuition to come through and allow yourself to hear your own inner voice, cut the mind’s chatter out. 
  2. In this calm state of awareness, ask yourself, what is it you truly want to cultivate in your life? If a bunch of things come up, focus on one at a time. Which is the one you truly want to focus on and you feel would best serve your life in this current moment?
  3. Write down your intention, make sure you’re writing it in statement form. You’re not asking yourself whether or not you can bring this intention to life, you’re affirming to yourself that you will cultivate this in your life. Be specific.
  4. Support your statement with realistic steps of action that you can take, write yourself some daily reminders that you can pop into your phone or pop on your fridge so that you are visually reminded each day of what it is you are cultivating.
  5. Believe in yourself. Detach from all possible outcomes, and just believe that this is meant for you. You deserve this. 


I’d love to know what your intentions are for this new year. Would you like to share with us?

Pop them in the comments below if you would. 



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  1. Laura says:

    Really well said. I feel like 2019 put me back on track, and now I can push forward instead of starting over. Of course, there’s room for improvement, but ultimately it’s about trying new things, showing up, and progressing little by little.

  2. Lisa Marie Alioto says:

    I love your intention – I think we should all have that focus for when we are in alignment, everything else aligns so much more smoothly.


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