15 Free Stock Image Sites Every Creative Entrepreneur Needs in Their Life!

December 30, 2019

  As #bossbabes in the online business world, we often use free stock images to add volume to our own content treasure-chest of images that we use to represent our […]

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Yup. We said it. 🤯


As #bossbabes in the online business world, we often use free stock images to add volume to our own content treasure-chest of images that we use to represent our business visually.

When I first started sourcing stock images, I felt super hesitant about using images that I hadn’t technically taken myself, or paid for. It felt super weird, but I soon came to find it’s totally normal. Photographers out there want their photos to be used, and they upload them onto free stock image sites, just for us! Thanks, guys!

Many entrepreneurs are wary of using photos not taken by them due to the fear of copyright infringement. Instead of sourcing free visuals for their website, blog or IG, etc. They will go ahead and hire a professional graphics designer or photographer to come up with unique shots and designs for them (yup, I totally think I just heard my wallet say “ouch!”).

Of course, if you have the funds, hiring someone to do the pro-shoots would probably be a total breeze for you, but what if you are on a budget and you can’t afford a photographer or designer? You search the free sites to find images to match your brand!

I decided I’d create this article to pop in a list of my top free stock image resources to give your content that extra boost, and hopefully save you a tonne of time!


The vast majority of the images on these sites have a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. This means you’re welcome to copy, edit and/or distribute the pictures — even for commercial purposes — without requiring author consent.
In other words, you can do whatever you want with them!


The Brand Edit

First and foremost, for all the best reasons, we have Christina Jones’ brand new stock photo library!
This is a monthly subscription typa’ vibe, but it is SO worth it. We promise.



Pexels do not only get their photos from photographers, but they also go all out to source for more pictures from other free stock photo websites such as pixabay, gratisography, and so on.



Pixabay is one website you can get the brightest and most appealing pictures for free! There are over 450,000 images, and videos to choose from!



Gratisography offers a wide range of free stock photos from people to animals, objects, nature, urban, etc. It is managed by a photographer called Ryan McGuire who is so generous that he adds new ones every week. Visit and download as many as you want!



According to reshot, they possess the most extensive free-stock photos, all of which are of high quality. They partnered with a community of professional photographers to give their website visitors the best. Head there and see for yourself.


Resources Library



This site is a new free stock photo location that was built by Shopify as part of their social responsibility. They made photoshoots of genders in the workplace and diverse ethnic groups. You can use the pictures for personal and commercial objectives.



Another website dishing out gorgeous free images is the Unsplash team. They get it from their photographer’s website and post on their site only for you to access. Great service! They have over 800,000 images and still adding more. If you look around, you can see some popular online businesses getting their photos from them.



Tonnes of high-quality pictures to use for whatever your needs are.



If you are wondering where to get free images for your social media posting, then picjumbo is the site to visit. It has over 1500 free pictures with different categories and has recorded over 5 million downloads.



Stockvault has two different categories, which are free and premium stock photos. Using the premium requires payment, but you can choose from more than 35,000 free ones.



RawPixel has lots of free and diverse stock photos that are so good you won’t need to use a paid photo. They plan on taking the free stock photo initiative a step further by using pictures of people from different parts of the world.


Negative space

Negative space adds new free stock photos every week. Fresh and free? Yes, please!


ISO Republic

This site comes with different categories of pictures that you can pick for your social media network posting. If you are a blogger, designer, marketer, etc. they have free images that would suit your needs.



Top websites like Huffington Post have used Splitshire’s free photos, pretty rad, right?



If you are looking for free stock travel photos, FancyCrave is the site for you!


If you have any stock image sites that you’d like to share, please do!

I hope that you found this article helpful. If you did, please feel free to share it with your fellow babes in biz!


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