The 4 Most Important Factors of Choosing The Right Mentor For You

December 6, 2019

Jazmine Kongmuang


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As ever-growing fempreneurs ourselves, we know exactly how exciting it can be to have the ability to go it alone in your business venture, creating something physical that was once just a vision in your mind.

However, the reality is that, while you may have the life-changing vision and the passion, you mightn’t know exactly what you should be doing with your business, at which times, to develop it into something sustainable.

We are here to tell you there is no shame in admitting when you aren’t sure of your next steps, and we understand that you have a lot emotionally invested in your dreams, so not knowing which step to take next is scary.

It is all too common for those of us that are new to the entrepreneurial world to just ‘wing it’ until we can afford to invest in our new biz.

One of the best ways to break out of that fear and propel our business growth forward is to find someone, a mentor, that has done this all before and attained success themselves.

Finding a mentor is not a difficult thing to do, but choosing the right one for you, for your dream, can be.

Below, we have listed out the top 4 most important factors to take into consideration when it comes to choosing your next mentor:


1. Values

Yup, values. One of, if not the most, essential part of any relationship.
It is super important to make sure your values align with anyone that comes into your business, so it only makes sense that your potential mentors’ values align with your own.

Finding someone with values similar to yours will lead to a more fruitful relationship. To make sure this happens, you need to be clear and confident about what your values are.

Write your values down and really consider them. There is no reason you should ever have to compromise on your values. Do you believe in eco-conscious living? Do you prefer to live minimalistic-ly? Then someone who splurges all their business’ income on designer items to flaunt, or carries a purse around made out of a large cat might not be a great fit as your mentor. You know you won’t see eye-to-eye on things you really care about, which can cause you to fall into a negative headspace.

You will always learn more from, and vibe better with a mentor whose values mirror your own.


2. Communication

Many people that are very successful in their chosen field might not be able to effectively communicate about the steps that they have taken to reach their goals.

You must make sure your potential mentor communicates in a way that you understand.
You will be able to find out how they communicate by observing how they interact with other people, whether that be on social media or in-person (preferably in-person, if possible).

One of the most important things to take note of is whether they communicate with others willingly. You don’t want a mentor that doesn’t actually want to talk to you.


3. Expectations

As with any relationship, it is detrimental that you are willing to outline precisely what you are looking for in a mentor, and what you want to take away from this mentorship.

Before reaching out to your potential mentor, make sure you have an idea of what you would like to learn from this particular person, and how much time you would like to spend with them. It is vital to your mentor-mentee relationship that you both clear on your expectations of each other and your ideals so that you are both satisfied.


4. Personality

Ladies, by this point, we should all know how important it is that your personality jells with whomever you welcome into your life, especially if you’re going to be working together frequently.

So, personality is definitely something you need to consider when choosing a mentor.

Your potential mentor could have all the same values as you, but if your potential mentor has a personality that is the opposite of your own, (i.e. introvert-extrovert) ya’ll might find working together a little more uncomfortable than planned.

When you take the time to map out your goals and what you want in a mentor, you are bound to find a great match.

As your business progresses and you continue to blossom in your fempreneurial journey, you may need to change mentors. This is something you should welcome, totally normal, and expected.

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What has been your experience with mentorships? Have you been in the position of mentoring someone else? Let us know in the comment section below.




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  1. Ellen Mika Zelasko says:

    I like that you put values as number one. The other three can be worked around, or improved. But if someone doesn’t share your core values, then it won’t work out. Very well written, and thought provoking.

    • Jazmine Kongmuang says:

      Hi Ellen!
      100%, values are aaalways at the top of our lists.
      Your presence and input are so appreciated here, babe!

  2. Dr. Chimnaza says:

    I couldn’t agree any less with your “Finding a mentor is not a difficult thing to do, but choosing the right one for you, for your dream, can be.”

    Glad my mentor ticks off the above mentioned and some more.

    • Jazmine Kongmuang says:

      Hey babe!
      We are so glad to hear you are loving your experience with your mentor. We wish you all the best!

  3. Carina says:

    I’ve never had a mentor but your list is a great reference for anyone who needs or wants one.

  4. Nadalie Bardo says:

    Personally is so key to choosing a mentor. Honestly, anyone, you’re going to work with really. Loved these tips!


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