The Rebel Office Holiday Gift Guide: For The Beloved Boss Babe In Your Life

November 17, 2019

Jazmine Kongmuang


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Whether you’re shopping for your biz bestie or the love of your life that’s totally #killingit, this holiday gift guide has something that will help her take her business to the next level – and she’s going to love you for it.


We All Need One:

Portable Ring Light + Phone Holder Attachment + Tripod

K, first place on our holiday gift guide list is at the very top of my own list! Isn’t this literally what everyone has at the top of their wish-list when they’re first starting their biz? I know it was one of the first things I was like “OMG, I NEED one of those! And all the accessories, backdrops, light cube, etc., but first, RING LIGHT!” These babies are what every pro vlogger swears by, so we need them in our lives. If the beloved fempreneur of your life doesn’t have one already, she’d love this as a gift.


The Only Microphone She Will Ever Need:

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Does your lady-love work online? Does she want to? Having a decent mic can be a make-it-or-break-it part of her podcast, webinar, or vlogging career.
This microphone is perfect for podcasting, voiceovers, musical instruments, vocals, interviews, field recordings, and conference calls. Amazing, right?

Yetis can be one of the top things on a #bossbabes wish-list, but one of the last items they end up investing in, so if you could spare her that expense, I’m sure she’d be our #1 fan this Christmas.


If She Doesn’t Already Have It:

Membership to Amazon Audible 

Boo, if your lady-friend isn’t into books, what is she even doing with her life?
Books are not only mentally stimulating, but they also reduce stress, increase knowledge, expand vocabulary, improve memory and analytical thinking skills, focus, memory, and writing skills.

And you know the best things about books in 2019 (and every year from now till hopefully ever), they’re available on-the-go, wherever you go!

Audible adds hundreds of titles to its store each week, meaning your lady-friend (and you if you like!) have thousands of brain-enhancing books to choose from.
Also, if you sign up and start the membership in December, you won’t have to start paying for this gift until January! Audible gives all new members a whole month to trial, with a no-questions-asked cancellation policy. We love it!




Motivational? Check. Informational? Check:

WorkParty by Jaclyn Johnson 

I’m currently listening to this book on Audible right now. No joke. Jaclyn Johnson is so #relatable and total #fempreneur goals!

In 2007, Jaclyn found herself fresh out of college, working a social media role, five years before SM were to become mainstream, getting 3000 views/day on her blog without even knowing what Google Analytics was (what a dream, right?).

From WorkParty, we learn how to turn distrust into determination, frustration into fuel (OMG yes, please!), and heartache into hard work. 


The Cutest Little Thing We Ever Did See:


This cute little planter is the perfect size for anybody’s desk! The world needs more plants; your homegirl needs cleaner oxygen; this gift is not only super thoughtful but environmentally friendly, classy, and a super cute way to say “I appreciate you”!


The Only Planner A Boss Babe Needs:

CanvastCo Planner

There’s no doubting it. Every #boss babe NEEDS a cute, constructive planner to keep all her brilliant ideas, meetings, goals, and daily memoirs in. Our CanvastCo planner is the bomb-diggitiy of planners! It’s sassy, undated and as sections for every subject that a woman in business needs to keep track of.


Super Sexy, Space-Saving Display:

Wall Grid 

Great for any work space, these wall grids are often used to create an effortless and secure vertical storage solution, space-saving display, or as a chic, vision board to outlay all of the things your boss babe has on her mind. This grid is already on my Christmas wish list, and I already know how I’m going to decorate mine!


A Fruitful Read:

You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

Give your fave fempreneur a pick-me-up with this read that will help her to get rid of her doubts, uncover what is truly holding you back financially, kick-in to the creative.

Author, Jen Sincero, gracefully shares with us her “started from the bottom now we’re here” story, where she pretty much goes from being homeless to the financially abundant #boss babe that she is now.
Sincero definitely sounds like someone who has some tricks up her sleeve? Because she does! All real-life, tips, tricks, and advice that we can put into effect in our daily lives, starting from today!


The Best Thing Ever:

Access to the Rebel Office Resource Library

“There is a serious lack of high quality, results-driven resources out there that help us seriously move the needle of our businesses. And when we move the needle in our businesses, we help others move theirs.”

The Rebel Office Resource Library is a collection of everything you need to know as the #badassbossbabe you are.

Our founder, Sarah Williams, consistently updates and adds useful and informative resources, tips, tutorials… so you’re always getting up-to-date advice and support.

You also get access to a co-working space, right from the comfort of wherever I happen to be. This gift is suitable for ANY fempreneur. Watch your best friend or SO grow in her business, faster than either of you would have thought to be possible, all thanks to this membership!


The One and Only:

Laptop & Latte Lifestyle Eco-Fleece Sweater

GUYS! How rad is these?! I highly recommend getting one for yourself and your best babe! Winter is almost here, and everybody needs a cute sweater to wear at home in the office, to wear for their next conference call, or out about to the next creative coworking event.

Not only are these sweaters super cute and come in three colours (grey, black, and pink), but they are ethically sourced.

Our Laptop & Latte Lifestyle sweaters have been made by Toronto’s only entirely female-owned and operated printer, SugarBomb. Like, could they get any better?


So, what will you be gifting your fave fempreneur these holidays?

If you have a question about our holiday gift guide, jot it down in the comments section below, and we will get back to you in a jiffy!


P.S – Do you have a holiday gift guide that you’ve created? Please share it with us on Pinterest so we can feature it in the next fortnights’ article.

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  1. Jen @ Jenron Designs says:

    What a great list, I know I love my audible subscription, it is the perfect way to get to read books, on the go.

    • Jazmine Kongmuang says:

      I feel exactly the same about Audible!
      I have been listening to WorkParty on my evening walks, and I swear I walk way longer when listening to a book compared to just listening to music.
      Love that you enjoyed this article ❤️

  2. Tiffany says:

    I love the ring light and the microphone! At the top of my wish list too!

  3. Ellen Mika Zelasko says:

    Love the Canvastco Planner. Putting it on my wish list. Great post!

  4. Sarah says:

    Need to show this to my hubby, lol I could totally go for several things on this list!

  5. Paulette says:

    These are such great Holiday gifts. I’m going to pass it along to my hubby, since this would apply to me.

  6. Madi Rowan says:

    These are such amazing gift ideas! I’m so happy the holidays are here… looking at gift guides is my favorite haha!

    -Madi xo |

    • Jazmine Kongmuang says:

      Thank you! Ditto, fave time of year!
      Everyday with Madi Rae is such a cute blog, love the vibe!

  7. Heather says:

    YES! Loving all of these gifts for boss babes!

  8. Nadalie Bardo says:

    Love the gift ideas! Such a great idea to include a membership!

  9. Claire says:

    What a fabulous guide! You have given me some great ideas for my own Christmas wish list here.

    Thank you x

    • Jazmine Kongmuang says:

      Hi Claire!
      Thanks so much for your feedback, we can’t wait to hear which goodies you get!

  10. Julie says:

    The planter is adorable! Fabulous list.

    • Sarah Williams says:

      RIGHT?! And so glad you like it! Hope there are some things on there for you to add to your own list or to inspire some gifts for your fellow biz besties 🙂

  11. Megan says:

    Lots of good ideas!! Love it!


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