3 Exciting Phases of Your Next Successful Launch

November 15, 2019

Taylor Shearer


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Your business is off the ground, and you love it! You may have even booked a few repeat clients, and are working on mastering your schedule. Great job, YOU!


Today, we are talking about the 3 Exciting Phases Of Your Next Successful Launch!

Your natural path is to continue growing your business. You may be designing some new products, or a new course for your clients and you are ready for unveiling. Your launch strategy is going to play a big part in determining the success of this new product.

Don’t start stressing though, girl, we got you!


Pre-Launch: Engage & Build Excitement

Before you reveal your new product entirely, you are going to want to create some buzz within your audience about what is coming! Your pre-launch phase should start somewhere between 1-2 weeks before you want to launch your new product or service. In this window, you want to publish content that piques the interest of your audience. Give some sneak peeks or teasers so the audience understands this is a product they will be interested in (remember that knowing your audience by this stage is vital!). Maybe this could be done through a mini video series where they will need to enroll for full content, free contests, or webinars. Think about what strategy best suits your business and products!

Entice your audience with your A+ marketing strategies and create scarcity and excitement surrounding your product. People are less likely to buy now if they believe the offer will be around forever. Your content should also focus on eliminating buyers’ objections. We all have reasons for delaying purchases. It is your job to understand what those are for your audience and to overcome them. Do not use generic keywords or lead magnets. Your pre-launch content needs to showcase the high value you will be giving your audience. The value exchange is what is going to make your clients buy during the next phase.

Encourage audience engagement as much as possible in this phase to keep up the buzz. You may want to share a success story of a past client of yours to highlight how your products helped them!


Launch: Get Your Audience To Buy/Sign Up

The big day has arrived, you’ve been prepping your audience for a couple of weeks now, and they are excited to see the full product launch! Start your launch with a bang! On day one, you want to announce that the time has arrived! They can now get in on the action!

Run your launch phase directly following your pre-launch. You can typically run the launch for a shorter period, somewhere between 5-10 days. You want to encourage your audience to buy now before the offer disappears!

You should have your marketing content ready to send directly to your customer base via your email list or other direct marketing strategies. Remind your audience to buy periodically throughout the launch phase. Include a countdown and remind them of the “limited availability” in order to convert those audience members to subscribers or buyers.

Think about running a live webinar or chat channel to allow your audience to engage directly with you. Through this, you should continue to manage your buyers’ objections by answering any questions or concerns they have.

If this is your first launch, remember that quality beats quantity. You don’t have to have the highest enrollment numbers or buyers from the get-go. Maybe you only allow five clients to enroll or buy your product. Doing this will help increase scarcity and perceived value. People hate missing out on a good deal. If they miss out the first time, there’s a good chance they will be more on the ball and more willing to purchase during your next launch. Keeping your numbers limited will also allow you to provide your best service to those clients without feeling overwhelmed.


Post-Launch: Eliminate Buyers Remorse & Debrief Yourself

It does not take long for people to begin experiencing buyer’s remorse. You are going to be managing clients’ expectations and delivering your services as quickly as possible in order to eliminate any feelings of doubt in your clients. Reassure your clients that they made the right decision by investing in you.

Follow up with your clients shortly after they have received your product or started your course. Keep up the excitement by including a private group for your customers to discuss amongst themselves. This allows for further audience engagement and more value for them. Make yourself present to answer any of their questions and listen to their open feedback. It is essential to listen to your audience to improve for your next launch.

You should also sit down and debrief yourself. Make a note of:

  • What days of your launch were the most successful for purchases – what did you do differently on those days?
  • How many people purchased vs. how many people did you reach?
  • What parts caused you the most stress, and how did you alleviate that?
  • What went well?

All of these are so important for your improvement next time around!

Don’t forget to engage with your audience, who didn’t purchase as well! Find out what their objections were. Maybe they participated in the pre-launch but weren’t converted in the launch phase. Find out why. If they are looking for different content, you need to know.

Finally, sit down and congratulate yourself on your first successful launch! Mimosa’s are good any time of the day by the way! Even if you didn’t get the exact results you wanted from this launch, you learned a lot for your next successful launch. Be patient with yourself, and keep babe bossing!


If you’re feeling a little lost or overwhelmed, book a Work Party with me and let’s get sh*t done in a day! I’ll give you, first, the strategic support you need to make aligned decisions and, second, the automation know-how and hands-on action to get it done in a day. Awesome, right?



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    Such helpful info. I am keen to create a course. Still in the research phase but I will pin to use later.

    • Jazmine Kongmuang says:

      We love that you found this helpful! Definitely tell us more about your course once you’re ready to put it out there.
      Did you know we have a totally free 5-day workshop series coming up for fempreneurs just like yourself? I definitely recommend checking it out, here’s the link:

  2. Sonia Seivwright says:

    Very helpful tips. I enjoyed reading this post.

  3. Sonia Seivwright says:

    Very helpful tips. I enjoyed reading this post. I have a launch coming up.

    • Jazmine Kongmuang says:

      Thanks, Sonia! We’re happy to hear you enjoyed this article. We would love to hear more about your launch! You go girl!

  4. Betty says:


  5. Henrietta says:

    Love your simple but effective 3-step strategy. Plus the mimosa reward 🙂

  6. Melissa Sturnick says:

    Aww, I really enjoyed reading this.
    I found it extremely helpful. So much goodness!
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. Emma says:

    This is a great post! I wish I had read it before launching my blog!

    • Jazmine Kongmuang says:

      Hey Emma!
      Don’t forget, all this info can totally be used for future reference. Let us know if you have any q’s!


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