How to Host Your Own Branded Photoshoot in 2019

October 7, 2019

Taylor Shearer


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Today, your brand is everything, girl! We are going to go through exactly how you can host your very own photoshoot!

Our brains are constantly being overstimulated by advertisements across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, prints, billboards, and other platforms that many of us use or see daily. Video advertisements are being shortened to just six seconds, in some cases, in order to capture the consumers’ attention before they lose interest. Have you ever paid attention to how long you watch a Facebook or Instagram advert before scrolling past? 

That is why it is so important to create your brand identity and be consistent with it as you grow. Consistent branding has been proven to strengthen brand recognition and trust among consumers, a.k.a. Your potential clients! You want your clients to be able to recognize your work straight away. 

One good strategy for this is having a brand photoshoot! But, in the world of constantly needing to provide new content, hiring a photographer to help you do this every month can get expensive! So, this week we are you giving you our tips on how to host your own brand photoshoot like a boss! Recruit a friend to come along and help for extra fun and convenience! 


Know What You Are Looking For

The worst thing that could happen at your photoshoot is you walk away with no useable photos or inconsistent imagery and a bunch of time wasted. So, let’s avoid that! 

Before your photoshoot, make a list of all the types of shots you’d like to have. Think about what your brands’ colours, themes, and styles are and find ways to incorporate this into your photos. Break it down into all the angles you want and what you think will work best with your brand. Knowing what you are looking for is the most important element of your photoshoot.

Is your business selling flower arrangements? Maybe you want a few photos of you actually putting an arrangement together. One from above, with just your hand and the arrangement in the frame. Another portrait style with the bouquet in front of you. Another set could be a behind the scenes look at how you select certain flowers & colors for each arrangement, perhaps in complementing colors to your brands’ theme?! 

You see where we’re going here? Make a detailed list of the shots to bring with you so it’s easy to stay on track the day of. 

Spending some time on Pinterest is a GREAT way to get ideas for shots that you like. Make a secret board called “Photoshoot Inspiration” and save styles of shots that you like!


Have The Extras

Don’t let your photoshoot arrive and all you have is one object to take photos of. Take the time to find some props and extra little things for your photos. 

In the weeks or days leading up to your photoshoot, you should be planning all those shots we just talked about. Think about what physical props or elements of the photo you need to capture your vision. 

Are you looking to get a “celebrating” style photo? First ask yourself: “How do I celebrate?” If it’s with a glass of champagne, do you have a champagne flute? No? Hmm. If you want a “behind the scenes” style photo of your workbook, you may want to pick a few pages that will align well with your colors and themes for this shoot. Maybe you have some branded merchandise already that’s going to make your brand pop in the photos!

I’m not saying you should go out and buy a bunch of single-use items that you’ll never use again! Just take some time to clearly imagine your layouts and fill in the missing pieces!


Having a handful of key, branded items, will help keep your photos and future photoshoots cohesive! 


Find local small businesses or online boutiques that align with your brand and values, and start there. Supporting other small businesses in any way that you can is great karma. Or, head on over to your local department or craft store, and see what they have.


Learn How To Use Your Camera

This might sound silly, but seriously. Make sure when your photoshoot arrives you know what you are doing with your camera and how to utilize it. Take the time to learn each function. Learn what setting to use for action shots, low light, depth, and wide angles or master your manual settings.

Whether you are using your point and shoot, DSLR, or your phone’s camera you have to understand how it works. 

If you are using your phone, you almost certainly going to be editing your photos on your phone as well. Be sure to have your favourite editing app installed at the photoshoot. I love Whitagram and Snapseed! You can do a quick edit on set to make sure that you are getting the shots that you’ve planned for. 

If you are using a DSLR, please do not borrow your friends without any experience using it. Yes, a DSLR will take the best shots reliably, but only if you actually know what you are doing with the camera. If you’re borrowing or buying a fancy camera, I’ll say it again: Take the time to learn how to use it!


Guide - No Social


Find The Right Lighting & Create Your Own Backdrops 

Ever see those photos online and everything works just perfectly? How did everything work out so perfectly for the photographer? Must have been a once-in-a-lifetime shot! 

While that is very possible and sometimes is the case, it’s more likely that a very well-trained photographer planned the shot. They knew what they were looking for, went and found it, and waited for the perfect moment. 


Girl, I’m saying you gotta build your perfect shot!


If your office space isn’t exactly the aesthetic you want in your photos or your brand, start thinking outside the box. Look around for some cute spots, either in a cute cafe, a friend’s house, or even just go ahead and build your own outside space and backdrop. Natural light is best, anyway! But if you can’t find any or always rely on it, this is a great alternative. 

Creating your own backdrop is as easy as setting up a white bed sheet in a well-lit space. Or, a rustic wooden fence in your backyard. When you know exactly what you want, you can build it up from there. Think creatively and don’t limit yourself! You can also buy super affordable backgrounds in sheets for your flat lays. There are no longer any excuses for ugly backgrounds!


Be Creative

Your photoshoot has arrived and you’ve done ALL your planning! Your shots are coming out how you’d hoped and planned for! Great work, girl! 

Don’t be afraid to explore in the moment. Be creative and don’t be afraid to go a little off-script if the results are in line with your theme! Some of the best shots ever are the candid, unexpected ones. This isn’t to say you should ignore everything we just talked about for planning your photoshoot! But let your inner artist be free and you might end up with one of those once in a lifetime shots even! 

You’ve got the skills now, ladies! We’d love to see what you come back with from your own branded photoshoot! Feel free to share in the comments!

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  1. Tinuke says:

    Thank you, loads of really useful information here. I need to do a branded shoot of myself and maybe the kids for my blog and I’ll come back to this for reference


    Great tips to use if you intend to do a photoshoot. Thanks for sharing.


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