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Diana Tapia x Rebel Office: Teaming Up to Help the Employee Become the Employer

August 21, 2019

Rebel Office


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Diana Tapia and Rebel Office are teaming up to help the employed become the employer


Sarah Williams, Founder of Rebel Office, and Diana Tapia, Transition Strategist, are pleased to officially announce their partnership to bring together a Mentoring & Coaching Program like no other. With a common goal to help full-time employees embrace their dreams and passions by starting their own business, both parties are excited to kick off FULL-TIME TO FREEDOM 12-Week Group Program.

Sarah and Diana have created this program for everyone in a 9-5 job to show them the path to create a JOB-QUITTING STRATEGY that will allow them to plan and start working on their dream business, following the fundamental steps that they’ll require to do it in a stress-free way, full of passion and knowledge that they have a very solid foundation starting up their business.

“In a world in which entrepreneurship is increasingly possible and achievable for everybody, I feel totally honored to be able to join forces with Sarah Williams and Rebel Office to help those who dream of leaving their 9-5 and jump into this adventure of creating their own business. Having a strategy is always vital, and I am sure that with Sarah’s amazing business knowledge and my approach in change strategies, we’ll be able to help many people to make that dream become a reality.” – Tapia said. 

“Entrepreneurship is such an incredible journey and lifestyle, but once you’re in it, it’s so easy to forget just how hard it was to start. I’m so excited to be working with Diana on this program because she brings the truly critical skillset and tools to help our clients make the actual transition. First, they step, and then they fly.” – Williams said.


About Rebel Office

Rebel Office is an online resource and go-to mentor for embracing the laptop lifestyle and using entrepreneurship as a platform to design your dream life. Through our Courses, Resources, and our 1:1 mentorship programs, Rebel Office gives entrepreneurs worldwide the tools to excel and the platform to connect.


About Diana Tapia

Diana is a Personal & Professional Coach, certified by Concordia University, accredited by the International Coach Federation. She helps her clients find and develop their greatest potential before, during and after a transition process, using the most effective strategies, so they can experience remarkable improvements in their confidence, motivation, flexibility, adaptability, goal attainment, and stress reduction. She is also the founder of the Worldwide Immigrants Association, a community and resource centre for immigrants in all phases of their journeys. 


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