Our Fave Home Office Finds: 2019 Edition

August 6, 2019

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Whether you are making the transition or are well versed in working from home, your office space is key to success. Being able to separate yourself from at home and at home grinding helps to self-discipline yourself and stay motivated. Creating at-home office space is also way more feasible than establishing or renting office space elsewhere!

Space can be limited, we understand. But giving yourself the space to sit down and shut out distractions will help you get the results you want. If you are working from a laptop mostly, then it can be pretty easy to redesign a small room or corner of the house to work from. 

This week we are talking about the basics and our favourite home office finds on Amazon to outfit or revamp your home office area for a boost of motivation! Here’s our top 10 finds!  


The Basics



A Desk That Doesn’t Break The Budget – $119.00 CAD

This desk is minimalist and looks nice against any home decor. Providing you with enough space for all your desk essentials, this desk won’t break your bank.


Short on space? Check out this fold-out wall desk! – $105.99 CAD

When you’re not using it, simply fold it up and it looks just like a standard size cabinet on the wall. When you are using it, not only does it give you sufficient desk space, but also multiple shelving units to store your essentials. And it’s only $105.99!


This Super Cute Desk Mat – $26.99 CAD

A desk mat will double as a non-slip surface for your mouse and computer, AND a water-proof, easy-to-wash surface. This cute rose gold one will add a pop of colour to space as well! 


A Desktop Organizer – $61.93 CAD

You will without a doubt end up with papers, pens, and clutter of all sorts on your desk at one point. Your solution? A desktop organizer. With four tiers and six different compartments, you can tuck away bits like paper clips or staples in the drawer, organize your pens and your paperwork, all in one unit here. 


A Comfortable Chair – $255.99 CAD

With all that productivity, you’ll need a comfortable chair that provides back support. This particular model looks so fresh in white, and gives comfort. 

Tip: Leather chairs are super comfy and make easy cleaning for coffee spills! 



Once build your basics, don’t forget about making the space yours!


Cute Folders – $26.93 CAD

You will need somewhere to store all your paperwork, and what better than this cute, eco-friendly accordion file folder?! 


Metallic Phone Stand – $36.83 CAD

Use this stand to charge your phone and have it conveniently located on your desk. Use it for your tablet and add a second screen to your work space!


Panda Planner – $45.00 CAD

Keep track of all your important meetings, events and schedules, all in one place. This handy journal has preset sections for morning reviews, daily tasks, priorities, and end-of-day reviews. Perfect for the busy girl boss! 


Computer Riser – $89.90 CAD

A convenient addition to your desk. This adds height to your computer (handy for laptops that don’t have a stand like most monitors) and has slots to hold your phone, pens, sticky notes and your necessary cup of joe! You’ll have the additional space to store papers under the desk as well. 


Cool Calendar – $17.82 CAD

Save space on your desk and add a cute chalk calendar to your office wall. Schedule and plan your time somewhere you will always see it. 


Adhesive Cable Clips – $7.99 CAD

How many times have you ended up with your phone cable, monitor or laptop charger, printer cable etc. getting tangled? If you say never, I envy you. For all of you like me, these guys are lifesavers! 


Bonus: Health


Under Desk Cycle – $178.99 CAD

If you’re looking to revamp your office and squeeze in a workout at the same time, check out how cool this standing exercise desk is! 


Posture Monitor – $21.97 CAD

We know you’re working from home now, but that doesn’t mean you’re away from the office drags, like desk work. Try a posture corrector to save your back! It may feel silly at first, but who’s there to see if you’re at home?! Take advantage of your private space. 


Add Some Greens! – $15.97 CAD

Plants are a proven way to boost your mood. And, that’s what you’re looking for in your creative zone. Add some simple greens, like succulents, that don’t need too much extra caring. Or, if your green thumb, go wild and let that inner jungle girl thrive! Get some cute pots of shelving units like these! With 4.5 stars and over 200 reviews, you can’t go wrong. 


At the end of the day, girl this is YOUR space. Make sure you’re comfortable and free of distractions. Keep your necessities stocked and organized so you don’t waste time looking for things. 

Have some office must-haves of your own?! We’d love to hear what you can’t live without!


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