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3 Things You Need to Have Great Relationships With Your Clients


As a service-based business, your clients are your lifeline. Without them, you’d be out of business! This can be a sobering reminder since it’s so easy to get into the day-to-day grind of things and take them for granted. Being intentional about building a good relationship and about the experience that you provide for them is crucial to keep your business (and your reputation) top notch.

Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be hard! There are three key ingredients that go into building great client relationships every single time. Turns out, adding a few systems and automations into your processes can go a long way to actually adding the human back into your business.

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Now, let’s jump in!


Key #1: Communication

Okay, sure, roll your eyes, but have you ever had a “bad” client? Chances are they became frustrated or rude because there was some miscommunication along the way. Instead of regretting those decisions, use them as a learning experience.

The best way to build better communication into your client experience is by first getting crystal clear on what the deliverables are (including repetitions, reviews, etc.). How?

  • Be very specific on the scope of work.
  • Have a contract or service agreement with a “recap” section that goes over common areas of misunderstanding (in plain English!)
  • Schedule in follow up emails throughout the delivery of your services

And most importantly: never assume. Always ask for clarification if you don’t fully understand something or if you are going to make a change to an expected deliverable.


Key #2: Organization

Knowing where everything is at all times, having key documents and notes accessible and ultimately being able to tap back into your client’s needs with a snap of the fingers is critical. Being organized helps with efficiency, of course, but it also helps your client feel valued. If you’re organized, at no point are they feeling like you’ve forgotten something about them or to provide something for them.

Great ways to get organized for your clients include:

  • Mapping out your workflows for your services so you never forget a step
  • Creating client folders (digital or physical… or both!)
  • Setting up a CRM (Client Relationship Management) system like Dubsado to manage communication, key documents and payments

Ultimately, getting organized is all about thinking through your needs and your clients’ needs. Putting in place systems and processes to make sure that everything is thought out guarantees that you can offer a streamlined and exceptional experience every single time.


Key #3: Going above & beyond

Your clients are investing their hard earned money (and trust) in you to deliver your promise to them. Show them you care and they’ll reciprocate the process by spreading the word about you, sending you new clients, writing great testimonials, and best yet – coming back for more!

With a touch more effort, you can get so much more in return. The great thing about building systems into your business is that it frees up your time to be able to show up and go above and beyond for them.

Here are some creative ways:

  • Sending bonus resources or tools that will help support them
  • Sending them a gift after they’ve worked for you
  • Offering them a special offer to continue working with you
  • Connecting them with people in your network to collaborate and network with
  • Feature them and shout out their brands to your own audiences


How do you go above and beyond for your clients? Write in the comments below or share your ideas in the Rebel Office Facebook group The Efficient & Successful Entrepreneur. You may just inspire others!

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