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3 Reasons Why Your Business Can’t Afford to Not Be On Pinterest

If you’re not using Pinterest for business yet, can I ask why not?

You’re probably creating amazing, high-value content, have irresistible offers, and you’re showing up on all the platforms to nurture your community of fans.

But even then, you’re probably hungry for more of one key thing needed for massive small business success: exposure.

And that’s where Pinterest comes in.

Pinterest is a powerhouse for increasing your website traffic organically, growing a community of engaged followers, and getting thousands of new, eager eyes on your business.

The best thing? Pinterest gives you the opportunity to grow your business on autopilot because once your content is on the platform, it pretty much has an unlimited lifespan.That means you can still be getting thousands of website views for yearsto come from just one piece of content.

So whether you’ve been on the fence about hopping on the Pinterest marketing train or you have no idea how it can help your business, let me break down the top 3 reasons why your business definitely can’t afford notto be on Pinterest.


Reason #1: Pinterest skyrockets your business brand awareness & credibility

Contrary to popular belief, Pinterest is a visual search engine not a social media network. That means it can be your secret weapon to create an explosion of online visibility for your business! 

When your business is showing up on Pinterest and providing high-value content consistently, the more exposure your content is getting and the more people start to recognize you as an expert in your industry.


Reason #2: Pinterest puts you right in front of your dream audience who is actively searching for your business

One of the reasons I love Pinterest for business is because it’s filled with people are ready to consume your content.

Compared to Instagram or Facebook, where users are usually on the platform for social reasons and browsing casually, Pinterest users are there with a purpose.Whether they’re searching for business tips, looking up quotes for their vision board, or planning out their next vacation, they’re there to learn something new, get inspired or plan something big in their lives – or all three!

So what does that mean for your business? That means that Pinterest is putting you directly in front of your target audience’s path who is actively searching for your service and or product.

On Pinterest, you’re not interrupting your target audience’s social media scroll with your content. Instead, they’re naturally discovering your business on a search engine (thanks to the Pinterest SmartFeed!) because you offer something that they’re looking for.


Reason #3: Pinterest traffic is 3.8 times more likely to turn into a sale

Since Pinterest users are there with a purpose, Pinterest traffic is 3.8 times more likely to turn into a sale. Yup – you read that right!

This is where the increased brand awareness pays off because the more they see and consume your content on Pinterest, the more likely they’ll be ready to buy from you once you present them an offer.

The stats don’t lie –  87% of Pinners said they purchased something because of Pinterest. It’s a no brainer that people view brands who are on Pinterest as trustworthy because they’re usually providing value first, then presenting an offer.

It allll goes back to that Know, Like Trust factor that is necessary when you’re scaling your business.

So if you’re not using Pinterest for business yet, you might want to think about including this powerhouse tool in your marketing strategy to give your business a huge exposure boost and set it up for massive success for years to come.


Angela is the founder of Golden Oasis Media. As a former blogger turned Pinterest guru, Angela has a heart for helping creative entrepreneurs & online coaches create a community of raving fans with the power of Pinterest! The goal? Help them explode their online visibility, make a bigger impact, & grow their business with ease. When she's not diving into all things Pinterest, she's obsessing over plants, all things spirituality, & cozying up to a good personal-development book. Check her out at


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