The Best Places to Find An Accountability Partner

November 26, 2018

Sarah Williams


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Having an accountability partner as an entrepreneur can go a long way for reaching our goals, but also for our mindset. For many of us, we work from home or wherever we happen to be and could go an entire day (or two, or three…) without having real, human communication. This self-inflicted isolation can also create room for excuses to creep in:


Oh, you didn’t schedule that email? That’s okay, tomorrow. 

Oh, you didn’t follow up with that client? That’s okay, tomorrow. 

Oh, you didn’t launch your Shop? That’s okay, next quarter then. 


That said, forcing an accountability partner can also start to feel more like a chore than a helpful resource and connection. So taking the time to find someone that you really, truly vibe with is important. But you’ll never know until you try. You’ll never know until you start connecting.

So, if you’re in the market for one, here are my recommendations for the best places to find an accountability partner:


Facebook Groups

Hands down the most accessible place to find other entrepreneurs that also want to connect are in Facebook groups specifically for entrepreneurs or industry professionals. While some groups have recurring threads to connect members, you could also take the initiative and put the ask out there. Something as simple as “Hey! I’m looking to connect with some high vibe entrepreneurs and maybe find an accountability partner.” You could go into as much detail about what you’re looking for, what you’re about, etc. as you want, but the first step is to connect and chat. You’ll never know if you get along and have the same values, ambitions, and goals until you have that discussion.


Local Business Association

Local associations are great, especially because they often host in-person networking events. This creates more opportunities for you to engage with like-minded business owners and connect with someone that you could easily call up for a coffee, meet on a weekly basis, or share local business information with.


The Rebel Office Resource Library

Being a business owner has great advantages, but at the same time, it challenges us more than any other, because it makes us enter an unknown world in which we can deeply immerse ourselves if we don’t have the right resources on hand.

At Rebel Office, we know and understand what it means to spend endless sleepless nights, looking for the right information, the right tutorial, the right tool, the right resource, to make everything work as it should in your business. With our Resource Library, we want you to stop hoarding aaaaall the information you find out there, and focus again on what matters most for you. Besides all the info you’ll get there, you’ll be able to co-work & network with other business owners who’ve been there, done that in our virtual room.



Look. The moral of this blog post is that you need people in your corner. At some point, probably more than once, you are going to get tired of being your own cheerleader. So put yourself out there and truly connect with someone. Work towards goals together, chat about your struggles together, and succeed together.

Tell me: Do you have an accountability partner? If not, what’s holding you back?


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