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Five Epic Ways to Set up Your Asana Projects

Asana has been a very useful tool that has powered the daily and strategic operations for Rebel Office since almost the beginning. If you’re new to Asana, it’s an app that helps organize individuals, team and businesses, from their communication to managing projects and workflows and beyond.

Ultimately what we like best about it is the ability to use it for so. many. freakin. things. 

You can really adapt Asana and its functions to meet whatever your business needs are. Today, I’ll share with ‘ya my absolute favourite ways for setting up Asana projects.


No. 1: Your To-Do List 

An underrated necessity of everyday life as an entrepreneur, Asana offers a super easy way to make the most of your To-Do list. Whether you need to keep it organized by day, by business area, by team member and beyond, Asana lets you assign tasks, set deadlines and work through your To-Do’s from “list” view or Calendar view.


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No. 2: Your Week Planner

Prefer to work through your week with the bigger picture in mind? Asana also allows you to set up your projects in “Boards”, which is great for mapping out your week. Recurring tasks like email checking, team meetings, blog post writing? Keep those reminders in front of you in a flexible way that simply lets you drag-and-drop your tasks into your week.


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No. 3: Your Business At a Glance

Moving away from business functions and more towards business strategy, I don’t know how many times I’ve needed an “About” blurb for Rebel Office, our mission statement, our logo or a workflow that wasn’t handy. I’d end up rewriting copy over and over, spending minutes (to hours) searching or recreating brand elements, or recreating workflows for clients. So thank-freakin-goodness when I organized Rebel Office’s “At a Glance” board like a “Strategy Bank” of information that’s mega-accessible. *Huge sigh of relief* 


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No. 4: Your Sales Pipeline

Yes, you’re the boss and sometimes it’s more fun to work on your business than to do client work. Let’s be honest. But your clients and customers are the reason you’re even still in business. So… the best way to prevent overwhelm and keep your team (and yourself) on track with what’s going on sales-wise is by tracking your Sales Pipeline.

Are you talking to a prospective client? Did you come across someone that would be your DREAM client? Do you have a proposal to send to someone? An invoice? An offboarding package with testimonial request? Using the “Boards” view again, Asana makes tracking your Sales Pipeline a breeze.


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No. 5: Your Business Processes + Workflows

This one’s a biggie. It’s also probably my #1. Having defined steps and processes for recurring business functions not only takes the guesswork out of your life as the boss, but it ensures that as your team grows, everyone is on the same page and offering the same level of quality work/service to every area of your biz.

Yup, it’s tedious, but take the time to brainstorm all of those tasks you perform daily, weekly, monthly and annually. What needs a process mapped out? Break it down. No task is too small when it comes to simplifying and streamlining your processes. This includes your client workflows.


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See it in action

Long story short? Opportunities to manage your business with Asana are endless. If you take the time to organize Asana to meet your unique business needs are are intentional with what you’re streamlining, Asana – or any other project management tool – can save you hours every week. And even better? Boost your confidence as a #boss.

If you’d like to see these project templates in action, I recently hosted a tutorial in Rebel Office’s Facebook group The Efficient & Successful Entrepreneur. You can catch the replay here.


Meet Sarah, the nerd behind Rebel Office. But feel free to call her Badass Efficient CEO ;) She is committed to creating resources for boss babe entrepreneurs like you, so you can spend less time running your business and more time enjoying life.

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