Overcoming Those Limiting Beliefs: What They Are & How To Make It Last

September 17, 2018

Sarah Williams


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Limiting beliefs are a different kind of beast when it comes to entrepreneurship and individuals proactively seeking success on a daily basis. And I know entrepreneurs who brush off the mindset stuff – in fact, I used to be one of them – but no matter how much effort you put into ignoring them, those mental blocks are there. And they’re going to stay there until you look them in the eye and tell them: “F off, I have different plans.” 

The hard part is that they could be literally anything. Think making money is insanely hard? Think the world is out to get you? Think you’re not good enough to make more than $2K/month? 

I’m talking literally anything. Anything that’s holding you back from the person that you know, deep down, that you’re meant to become. 


The 5 Whys 

The quickest way to nail down your limiting beliefs is to first write down something you believe. Then ask yourself why? You’ll come up with an answer, probably something very surface level. So ask yourself why? to that. Keep going. Ask yourself Why? five times. By your fifth answer, you’re probably getting pretty close to some real AF mental stuff. 

Try this again with another belief. It could come back to the same thing or something totally different. Be open, and let your mind tell you what’s going on.


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So you’ve identified your limiting beliefs, now what? 

Now, it’s not just about identifying your limiting beliefs. It’s about going into this exploration prepared to ask the question: Okay, now what am I going to do about it? 

Without going in with this approach, you could go through the 5 Whys activity over and over again, and the same stuff will still come up. Sure, you’ve put a name to it now and you’re aware of it (which IS a very important step), but now you need to be prepared to take action and change your perspective. 

And it’s more than just saying to yourself “Okay, well I’m going to believe that I’m good enough from now on” or “Okay, I’m going to start saving money because I think I’m not good at it so I’m going to get good at it.” 


But how? 

  • Schedule a time in your calendar every Friday morning for a date with your bank account. 
  • Repair that relationship with you and your money. 
  • Set automatic payments into your savings, no matter how small. 
  • Start a gratitude journal. 
  • Print off a mantra and put it beside your bed so you say it to yourself every single morning. 


What are the steps that you need to take to actually see results? Comment below! You might just give someone else a helpful idea. 

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