Building Systems For Success: How To Significantly Step Up Your Game

September 4, 2018

Sarah Williams


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I’m going to cut straight to the chase: being intentional about your business and building systems (instead of, you know, coasting and waiting for business to come your way and – oh yea! – dealing with that when it happens) is the key to levelling up and getting serious about this whole “being the boss” thing. 

The way that your business runs and the systems and processes that you have in place are strong indicators of your business’ health. So let me ask you: Have you mapped out your business systems for success? Have you implemented them with the long game in mind? Are you ready to significantly step up your game? 


Hold up: WTF are systems?!

Business systems are what make your business go. From processing payments to posting on social media to team meetings and beyond – the steps that you take and the tools that you use to make those steps happen are your systems. 


Why are they important? 

Whether you have clients already or not, you need to be ready for them. They need to be onboarded/engaged with/delivered to in a consistent and high-quality way. This can’t happen if you’re scrambling to get key documents or deliverables to them as they walk through your (physical or virtual) door. 

And it’s not even just about your clients and customers. Every single one of your business functions matter. 

Sure, the end goal might be to get more business and make more $$ but you need those team meetings running smoothly and efficiently, with everyone coming out of it knowing what their role is in your business and what their immediate to-dos are. 

Sure, the end goal might be to get more business and make more $$ but your financial tracking needs to be on point so that your accountant can do his or her job. Or – of course – you’re not freaking out wasting your time looking for invoices in your inbox at tax time. 


How to build kick-ass systems:

Step 1: Plan

Obvious, I know, but often overlooked. As entrepreneurs, we often are distracted by “shiny objects”. There’s a lot of cool tech out there. And sure, it could be useful for your business, but it also could only do ONE function that you need, when there’s another tool out there than can do five. 

So map out your business. I’m talking all of your functions. How you get clients, how you make money, how you spend money, how to engage with stakeholders. All of it. Yes, it will take some time. Then get honest with yourself about what’s dead weight and what could use some serious pizzazz to get your biz when it needs to be. 


Step 2: Research

Now that you know what steps need to happen and you have an idea of the support that you need to make those steps happen, do your research. Take your time to look at all the alternatives for software and tools out there. Don’t just go for the biggest and most expensive. Really ask yourself: Will I use this to its fullest potential? Does my business really need this? How will this make running my business easier and better? 


Step 3: Implement. 

Take your time. The worst thing you could do at this point is rush implementing a new system in your business. Take the time to learn the tool properly so that you can use it to its full advantage. You’re playing the long game, don’t forget. Learn it yourself first, and then take time with your team to introduce the new system properly so that it’s accepted and used fully in the future. 


Are systems a bit overwhelming for you but you know you’re ready to get intentional about them and step up your game in your business? You’re going to want to check our Work Parties. 

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