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What’s Your Customer “Flow”? How to Nail It Down to Sell More + Work Less

As business owners, we seem to complicate things that don’t need to be complicated. Shh – you know it’s true. When it comes to your customer’s experience with you, the most important thing to remember is that you’re a consumer too. #spoileralert. 

So often, we spend much of our time in our own heads and in our own businesses that we don’t take the time to step out of our boss shoes and ask: If I bought this, how would I want to be treated? How would I want this delivered? What would I expect? 

It’s THEN that you go back and ask yourself from a CEO perspective if you’re meeting those expectations. When you’re ready to step up to the challenge of facing the reality of your customer experience, Iv’e got some simple and effective tips to get you through with your ego unscathed. 



Put it down on paper or use a mind mapping tool like MindMeister to get a visual of what your processes are for a specific product type or service that you offer. Be specific with the product or service. Sure, it may feel tedious to do them all, but it will be wildly helpful in the long run. 



Now that you have your process or “flow” in front of you, it’s time to be honest with yourself. For every next step in your customer flow, ask yourself: 

  1. Does it add value to my customer/client? 
  2. Is it fun / enjoyable to do? 
  3. It is necessary? 

If the answers are no for all 3, cut it out. If you hate it but it’s necessary, let’s move on to #3… 



Whether you have a sustainable stream of clients and you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the workload or it’s still a dream you’re fighting for – having the tools in place to take as much of your workload off your plate leaves you room for what your actual job is: to be the boss and to grow and take care of your brand and vision. 

Tools to consider: 



This is almost as important as steps 1-3. Schedule in your calendar right now quarterly “Customer Experience Review” sessions. Stay on top of this to make sure you’re in tune with not only your business inefficiencies and opportunity to improve, but also your customers’ and clients’ expectations.

And if you need help getting organized in your business (or your crazy, entrepreneur life) that’s our jam here at Rebel Office. You might want to consider reaching out to apply for a spot in our 1-on-1 program PRODUCTIVITY x PROFIT. 

It could very well change your life. It will absolutely change the way you run your business. For the better. 


Meet Sarah, the nerd behind Rebel Office. But feel free to call her Badass Efficient CEO ;) She is committed to creating resources for boss babe entrepreneurs like you, so you can spend less time running your business and more time enjoying life.


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