The Ultimate Weekly Checklist for A Productive Business

June 4, 2018

Sarah Williams


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Are ya feeling productive every day?

Every business and entrepreneur has consistent non-negotiable tasks that have to be done, whether they’ve identified them as non-negotiable or really thought about them at all.

Unfortunately, when they haven’t been distinctly identified and time hasn’t been consciously set aside for them, a few things could happen:

  • They don’t get done on time
  • They’re an after-thought and therefore rushed
  • They don’t get done at all.


Taking the time to identify what these tasks are for your business not only helps your business run more smoothly, but it also helps you amp up your productivity and show up better for your existing and future customer base.

We’ve gathered together a list of our weekly non-negotiables, along with some bonus tips to help you make them a priority.


Financial Check-In

For us: Fridays at 10 am

Being aware of your income, what’s coming in and what’s going out, is healthy. No more avoiding your bank accounts like the plague. It’s time to show up, put your boss hat on, and be aware of your financial situation. Having a weekly check-in really helps to make sure you stay on top of your bills, acknowledge what came in + where you are in terms of your monthly/quarterly financial goals.


Content Creation

For us: Thursdays at 9 am

While we recommend setting 1-2 hours aside every month for your marketing planning, setting aside another 1-2 hours every week to develop that content is very effective and ensures you stay relevant (instead of having a month’s worth of content, and something in the industry – or current events – changes).

Task batching like this keeps you focussed on one thing: creating content. You have all the apps and programs open, your creative juices flowing, and you’ll be amazed at the level of productivity that you can achieve. Plus: then you’re set for the week! Schedule your posts (or set reminders) and be on your merry way.


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Team Meetings

For us: Mondays at 9 am

If you have anyone helping you out in your business, whether it’s a full-blown team, a VA, or anything in-between, setting time aside that everyone is committed to, is crucial to smooth team management. No matter how big or small anyone’s involvement is in supporting your business, having that touchpoint helps to make sure obligations are being met, relationships are being formed, and tasks are getting done and you all stay productive.

A tip: Once you’ve agreed on a time that works for everyone on a weekly basis, draft up a general agenda so that your team members can come prepared for you and update you effectively and efficiently. Agendas help to keep the meeting moving and on track.


Strategic Planning

For us: Fridays at 11 am

This is the time that you dedicate to working ON your business, instead of IN it to really be productive. This is the time when you take off your expert and employee hat, and you put on your #boss hat and plan for the future. Because if you’re not moving forward and growing, you’re moving backwards. How long you set aside for a weekly strategy session is up to you. It can be a quick check-in to make sure everything’s on track, with a quick meditation to get re-aligned with your vision, or it could be more extensive, involve your team and some serious whiteboard-ing.

You know what you (and your business) need to succeed.


Now what?

The fun begins.

Time blocking can save you HOURS every week. It did for us. Knowing what we need to be doing when takes the guesswork and lost-soul-searching out of our week and OBVI, helps us stay productive. Of course, flex time is still necessary because, for most of us, working *in* our business is still an important aspect of our day. It’s time to step up and step into your CEO self.

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  1. Taylor says:

    Love this! All about setting up a schedule that works for you and that you can rely on! Nailed it! ✨


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