The Top 3 Personal Habits to Develop for Ultimate Business Success

May 1, 2018

  Habits… As entrepreneurs, our lives are our businesses and our businesses are our lives. That’s just how she goes. So it may come as no surprise that whatever you’re […]

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As entrepreneurs, our lives are our businesses and our businesses are our lives. That’s just how she goes. So it may come as no surprise that whatever you’re doing in your own life and how you treat yourself is often reflected in the performance of your business. This could be as small as getting distracted by a phone call from your parents that you forget to reply to that client. This could also be as major as you running yourself into the ground to the point where you check out and totally avoid your business for days (or weeks) at a time.

The point is: when you feel great, you show up with high energy and 110% for your business and your customers. And when you feel like dirt, you don’t.

We’ve pulled together three personal habits to work into your daily life that will have epic levels of impact on your biz. Let’s jump in:


#1 – A Daily Routine

Whether it’s in the morning, at lunch or at night, setting aside 15-60 minutes a day to get into the groove of feeling like a badass #boss works wonders on your productivity levels and confidence. The purpose of a daily routine in your habits is to break you away from the lower-level, current version of yourself and into the mindset of where you want to be in the future, whether that’s in 6 months, one year or ten. Remind yourself who you need to be in order to get to where you *want* to be, and then go and tackle the day.

Things to try

Guided visualizations, reading 1-3 chapters in a business or self-help book, gratitude or general journalling, etc.


#2 – Self-care time

You’ve probably heard this one, and you’ve also probably thought “OK, that’s great to say but I have zero time for that right now.” So we’re here to tell you that time away from your business is a good thing. You are an individual, and you need that time to develop as an individual, not just as an entrepreneur. You know that saying “distance makes the heart grow fonder?” Well, it applies to the love affair with your business as well. Taking that step back keeps you mentally healthy PLUS gets to chomping at the bit to get back to work. Things to try: exercise, reading a non-business-related book, going for a walk, watching a Netflix show (ONE episode… not 5. I see you.), etc.




#3 – Financial Check-in

Trust us when we say that we understand what it feels like to be afraid to look at our bank account. Like, clean-the-kitchen-and-scrub-the-toilets-instead-of-looking level of afraid. But changing that story that you have in your mind about money, being grateful for whatever amount you do have, and being open and welcoming to more makes such a difference in your mental health AND your business’ finances.

The moment you take back control over your money habits – not just your spending but the amount coming in -, you can start to see clearly AND fall back in love with your bank account. Doing this personally helps to develop the skills you need to apply to your business. You’ll stop spending money where you don’t need to be. You’ll start sending invoices for the time you spent “just doing someone a favour”. That appreciation that you have in your own life for your finances oozes into your business, and all of a sudden making money becomes painless.

Things to try

Schedule an hour once a week or once a month for a personal and business financial check-in (pay your bills, update your spreadsheets, etc.).To try: Journalling about your current thoughts and feelings about money. Ask yourself where those thoughts and ideas came from. Explore ways that you could change and improve those perceptions.


There you have it: three new habits to work into your own life that consequently has a positive impact on your business. When it’s this much of a win-win situation, you can’t NOT take action.

Seriously, no more excuses. Go put a plan in place.

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