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Three Tools To Mentally Set Yourself Up For Success

Whether you’re just getting started or have been in the game for a while, keeping your headspace where it needs to be to keep going every day is a challenge that every single entrepreneur out there faces.

We can basically guarantee that. From our experience working with entrepreneurs, not to mention being very active in online and offline business communities, getting and maintaining a success mindset is crucial… and challenging.

So we’ve pulled together 3 great ways to get your head ready to conquer the world (and your dreams), and then keep it there. Because if we’re being honest, your mindset will waiver. It just will. But having the tools to get back to where you need to be is the real key to success that not many people talk about.

So let’s jump in.


No. 1: Meditation and Visualization

While it might seem “woo-woo” to some, making time to check in with yourself has a significant impact on staying focused on your goals, not to mention even just getting some clarity about what your goals are and how you can achieve them.

Once a day, or once a week even, lock yourself in a quiet space where you can’t be distracted. Quiet your mind and just focus on your breathing. Breathe in. Breathe out. As thoughts come into your mind (because they will no matter how hard you try), welcome them, and then allow them to go along and bring your attention back to your breath. Piece of cake.

You might even learn something about yourself and where your business needs to go (or not go).


No. 2: Journalling.

Call it a diary, call it a journal, call it whatever you’d like. Getting your thoughts – personal and business related – out of your head and onto paper can work wonders for your mindset and your inspiration and creativity. Make time for it every day (or every week) and don’t censor yourself. It’s so easy to question what you’re writing, but when you drop your guard and trust in yourself, that’s what the magic happens.

You’ll be surprised what’s already in your head: the right answer all along.


No. 3: Support

Having a support system or community in your back pocket goes lightyears in keeping your mindset in the right place to achieve outstanding success.

We learned this the hard way.

Not only is being an entrepreneur and being faced with making those big decisions on a daily basis lonely, but it’s hard. Whether you’re in a Facebook group of like-minded entrepreneurs (there are THOUSANDS out there, go find one),  you hire a coach, or you have a fellow business “bestie” or accountability partner in your corner, these are all great options for building that necessary support system.

Because the truth is, you need someone in your corner. You need someone rooting you on that’s been where you want to go (or are on their way there too).

If you feel like you desperately need someone in your corner, contact us about our upgraded membership program The Crew, that fits into any entrepreneur’s budget but gives you that next-level, custom support you’ve been searching for.

Now go kick some mindset and business a$$.


Meet Sarah, the nerd behind Rebel Office. But feel free to call her Badass Efficient CEO ;) She is committed to creating resources for boss babe entrepreneurs like you, so you can spend less time running your business and more time enjoying life.

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