5 Ways to Have an Outstanding Customer Experience

August 30, 2017

Sarah Williams


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Let’s be honest with each other here for a second… Have you been coasting? Have you been doing the bare minimum to get customers or clients but you know you could be doing better? Well, considering we’re here to be that best friend that’s “too honest”… it’s time to get your act together. It’s time to really go all-in on your customer experience.


#TruthBomb: It doesn’t take much to blow your customers’ minds


For real. They don’t expect much. They expect what they paid for, and honestly, if they get that – that’s enough for them to be content. But is it enough to get them coming back for more? Is it enough for them to become a brand ambassador for you and spread the word to all their friends and colleagues about how awesome it was to work with and buy from you? Maybe… maybe not.


The List

To help you, because that’s all we’re here to do even if we’re kind of rude about it, we’ve pulled together a list of 5 super easy and super effective ways to have an EPIC customer experience.

Really, what do you have to lose from trying one or two of these?

Let’s get started.


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Be super engaging with your customers

Keep the conversation real and meaningful on social media. Commit to being engaging and helpful and both your future and current customers will love engaging with you back.


Send Thank You cards or gifts

They’ve invested in you; now it’s your turn to show your gratitude. If you don’t have the budget to send a gift basket, just send a card. But whatever you send, make it personal. Show them that you listened to who they are and what they like.


Approachable customer service

By approachable, we mean easy to find, easy to engage with, and easy to resolve their concerns. Live chats are a great way to make this happen, having a 24/7 call number, reach out to follow up on a concern personally – So many options!


Fast delivery

Exceed your customer’s expectations by delivering quicker than they anticipated.


High quality over delivery

Why not give your customers something they didn’t expect, but you knew they’d appreciate? Just make sure, if you’re going to over-deliver, that it adds value to their lives and is a high-quality offering. This shows sincerity on your part and increases gratitude on their part. Not only that, but it makes for an even better testimonial.


The key? Knowing what adds value to your customers’ lives. Do they care about quick delivery or would they prefer a high-quality end result? Do they value a return policy or free shipping or consistent sales? It doesn’t take much to offer a great customer experience. Get into the shoes of your customers. Then rock their socks off. Go get ‘em.

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