Workload Rehab

Creating freedom through system-building, productive habits + sustainable income.

Tidy up your business. Slow the heck down

Imagine you knew with absolute confidence that you and your business were going to deliver an out-of-this-world experience to your customers and clients, and you didn’t have to lose your sanity a million times to do it.

You can with Workload Rehab.

Get the tools and accountability to get your business (and life) on track for success. In 6 modules, I’ll take you step-by-step through all of the moving parts of your business, give you the tools to tidy it all up, and come out the other side ready to earn more but work less.


Workload Rehab

Everyone in the online world is scaling rapidly. You ask “How has she scaled from 0-10k and hasn’t hit a wall?” while forgetting if you sent this morning’s email, Googled how to create a funnel and wait—did Stripe transfer my money yet?

I know the feeling. And that’s why Workload Rehab exists.   

Each module is packed with tutorials, templates and tools to design your systems and reorganize your business to work for you, not you for it. Stop avoiding your bank account like the plague and start expecting your pocket buzzing with those PayPal payment notifications. How? With the epic Workload Rehab toolkit.


The Nitty-Gritty


Designing Freedom

Taking a good, hard look at your business model so you can stop chasing clients and start hearing “ch-chiiiiing.”


Time Hacks

Proactively seek out those opportunities in your biz processes so you can stop reactively creating a mess.


Clients on Auto

Your customer experience: from knowing what questions to ask your future clients before they buy in to sending them off as they beg to work with you again


Hiring Help & All Things “Boss”y

Getting the “know how” and the “when to” for bringing on help, tracking your finances, and oh so much more.


Mastering Marketing

Creating a plan + bringing in the tools that *actually* work so you can stop with the free trials, no action landing pages, zero-engagement posts and beyond.


Playing the Long Game

Building habit hacks for sustainable change, so you don’t waste your hard-earned and well-deserved cash and time.



A Free Gift

Yep, sent by snail mail. It's worth it though.

Lifetime access

Meaning all the juicy new stuff that ever gets added.

Unlimited Support

Email & Voxer support for 8 weeks from your enrolment.

Done-For-You Templates

So you can stop guessing and start kicking butt.


Your new support system

Meet Sarah

I’m Sarah – the nerd behind Rebel Office – but feel free to call me Badass Efficient CEO 😉 I create courses for entrepreneurs like you, so you can spend less time running your business and more time enjoying life.

If you’re anything like me, you’d like to spend less time setting up MailChimp or Googling ‘How to create an online course’ and more time living your life.

Bye bye trial and error. Hello clarity and doing it right from the get-go.


Still wondering if Workload Rehab is for you?

It is if you want to be freakishly organized. Start working smarter, not harder and finally create that work-life balance.

The truth of the matter is there’s no rare strand of DNA that sets the elite apart from you. Building and scaling a profitable business that serves you 24/7 is possible.

But it isn’t possible without the secret sauce of tools, insights, and knowledge. Which is exactly what you get in Workload Rehab.

Quite the promise, isn’t it? Good thing I practice what I preach.  See you (hopefully) on the inside, and then on the other side with a streamlined, stress-free, and successful business.




Discover freedom again