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How to Track Clients Using Templates in Asana

This week on the #RealTalk Series, we’re going over how to track client projects using a simple feature in the project management app Asana. Stay on top of your clients, the to-dos, the due dates, all of it… so that you can deliver your services to your clients seamlessly and chaos-free.

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How to Align Your Branding With Your Customer Experience

Your Brand Identity is one of the four key components to your customer experience. Having a consistent brand throughout the entire buying AND relationship-building processes does a few things: builds trust and credibility creates the perception of professionalism and legitimacy reduces confusion at all stages of the experience increases brand recognition and ultimately brand loyalty…

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5 Ways to Have an Outstanding Customer Experience

Let’s be honest with each other here for a second… Have you been coasting? Have you been doing the bare minimum to get customers or clients but you know you could be doing better? Well, considering we’re here to be that best friend that’s “too honest”… it’s time to get your act together. #TruthBomb: It doesn’t…

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What Is “Customer Experience” and Why Is It Important To My Bottom Line?

“Customer experience is the last source of sustainable differentiation and the new competitive battleground.” – Tiffani Bova, Gartner Vice President Having an organized customer experience plan is a key element to your business’ success. Investing your resources into building a consistent, automated customer experience can have an impressive return back into your business through referrals, return…

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